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Author: ppg
Created: May 17, 2009
Taken: 306 times
Rated: PG

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Wake up, take your pills dear, I know this time of year ain't right for you.

Created by ppg and taken 306 times on Bzoink
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When Angry to you have self control?
Did you ever play Grand theft auto:Vice city?
Do you sleep with The tv on or off?
Are your thoughts more vocal or in your head?
Are you a city person or country person?
Is there someone who makes you totally weak?
Do you know who Sean penn is?
Did you ever go joy riding?
Who\'s your best friend?
Do you have a friend with benefits?
What\'s your opinion on chuck Norris?
Don\'t you hate it when your let down?
Tell me do you think itd be all right, if I could just crash here to night?
Do you know what song that was from?
When was the last time you felt Broken down?
Who do you think has the best laugh?
is Dane cook Funny?
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Is There Someone you know who's really Cheap.
Do you like men over 35?
Has Ozzy Osbourne sold out?
Nikkie Sixx or Vince neal?
Are you Superstitous?
Do you always feel like Somebody's watching you?
Adam Lamber or Kris Allen?
Or Dany gokey?
Do you watch True Blood.
if your ex Told you,That you don't mean anything to them what would you do?
Ever been in a fist fight?
If you could go out with anybody of your Choice ,who would it be?
Ever watch The Godfather?
What's my age again?
Your Thoughts on Avenged Sevenfold?
Are you one of those ppl no matter how hard you trymyour in trouble?
How are your grades?
Are you Pro life or Pro Choice?
How do you Feel about Our President?
Do you think there are beings in the universe of higher intelligence?
Who's your favorite baseball team?
Does what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?
Virgin or not?
What would you liek to say to the person you currently strongly dislike?
Classic,pop,punk,or Alternative rock?
Does The lion Sleep tonite?
Favorite disney Movie?
What's your special talents?
is your Shoulder the one everyone Crys on?
Are you a fan of titanic?
Favorite Color?
Do you get along with both your parents?
Do you like roller Coasters?
Are you a carnivore,herbavore or Omnivore?
Ever been to a concert?
If So who was the first and the last person you saw?
Do you vote On American idol?
Is there any one you miss?
Can you do the Cotten Eye Joe?
Do you ever feel like your head is just
When was the last time you cried and why?
Are you Currently cheating on someone?
Or are you being cheated on?
Have you ever been low?
Have you ever had a bon fire?
Do you remember the song, Blue (da Ba Dee) By Eiffel 65?
Nysnc,backstreet boys or Spice girls?
Who was your favorite from each of those bands?
or did you think they All Sucked ass?
Is he Strong enough to be your man?
How are you feeling?
How to you feel about this Wild World?
Do you know What Watergate is?
What makes you wanna just Scream?
Any dresses in your closet?
Do you like to tease Mall Cops?
Smoking or non?
Do you care about Politics? Why or Why not?
Do you like Needles?
Was I stupid to ask that question?
What's your favorite type of Accsent?
Ever Break the law? If So How?
What's You religon?
Do you Believe in The Mafia?
Are you coming undone?
Whos Your role Model?
Whats the one Question you can't seem to get answered?
Is it True all you need is love?
This time tomorrow where will you be?
Who's your Romeo?
Ever been to Disneyland?
Is there a secret your dying to tell?
Do you wish you could be Spontanious?
What's your Favorite Holiday?
Have You ever been Rick Rolled on youtub?
Ever Seen a show on Broadway? If So what Show?
Have You changed for better or for worse?
Can you Do the Time Warp?
Ever been caught stealing?
Who's your favortie WWE Superstar?
Do you always pick Truth or dare?
What happens on your typical Sunday?
Whats your favorite vacation spot?
What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?
What do you think about Conformity?
Have you ever thought about suicide? Why?
Will you take the road less traveled?
What do you think happens after you die?
How About some parting words for your best friend?