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About This Survey

Author: CaNdi7539
Created: February 13, 2005
Taken: 783 times
Rated: PG

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Get To Know Yourself

Created by CaNdi7539 and taken 783 times on Bzoink
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Full Name
Day Of The Week You Were Born
Time You Were Born
Place You Were Born
Currently Live
Type Of Home You Live In
How Many Cars Do You Or Your Family Own
How Many Pets
Do You Live in Urban, Rural, or Suburbs
How Many Languages Can You Speak
Hair Color
Eye Color
Skin Tone (Fair, Medium, Dark)
Hair Type (Straight, Wavy, Curly)
Long Or Short Finger Nails
Small Or Big Lips
Tall, Short, Average
Skinny, Average, Athletic, Muscular, Husky, Obese
Shoe Size
Pant Size
Favorite Genre Of Music
Play An Instrument
Can You Read Music
Favorite Song
Favorite Book
Favorite Quote
Favorite Color
Favorite Season
Favorite Type Of Weather
Favorite Type Of Car
Favorite Animal
Thing You Like Most About Yourself
Thing You Dislike Most About Yourself
Favorite Person
Single, Dating, Engaged, Married, Divorced, Widowed
Straight, Bi, Lesbien, Gay
Optimistic or Pesimistic
Afraid Of The Dark
Mixed Race (Ex. White & Black .. not Polish & German)
Proud Of Your Heritage
Wish To Be Another Race
Do You Litter
Sleep With Hookers
Are You A Hooker
How Many People Have You Slept With
How Many Relationships Have You Been In
First Kiss Was Where
Lost Your Virginity Where (or where do you want to lose it)
Can You Drive
Do Drugs
Left The Nation
Move A Lot
If You could Live Anywhere, Where
Shakira Or Jennifer Lopez
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears
Madonna Or Cher
The Beatles Or Aerosmith
Pop Or Techno
Rock Or Rap
Guitar Or Drums
Violin Or Harp
Beach Or Mountains
Do You Wear Glasses Or Contacts
Sneakers Or Heals
Shorts Or Pants
Skirts Or Dresses
Black or White
What's Your Religion
Are You An Idealist?
Believe In Anarchy Or Communisim?
Prefer Cold Or Warm Weather
Prefer Bath Or Shower
Prefer Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub
One Word To Best Describe You
Want To Go To College
What Occupation Would You Like To Have
Would You Want To Be Famous
If You Were Rich, Would You Donate To Charity
Like Sesame Street
Favorite Disney Character
Favorite TV Show