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Author: daizy62
Created: May 25, 2009
Taken: 144 times
Rated: G

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The Quick Answer Game 4

Created by daizy62 and taken 144 times on Bzoink
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On this first part, be honest, DON'T CHEAT & DON'T LOOK AHEAD.
Use a different person to answer each following question.
Name someone you know born in July:
Name someone you know with curly hair:
Name someone you can trust:
Name someone you know who's name starts with 'B':
Name someone who called you today:
Name someone you met in the last 2 years:
Now list those 6 people in the order you answered the previous questions.
Now use those 6 people to answer these questions.
Who have you known the longest:
Who is the tallest:
Who did you most recently hang out with:
Who lives the closest to you:
Which of them have been to your house:
How many of them have met your mom:
Are you older than any of them:
Do you go to school with any of them:
Are you related to any of them:
Have you dated any of them:
Do any of them have kids:
Are any of them married:
Have you been on vacation with any of them:
Which of them are 21 or older:
Have any of them been arrested:
Who lives furthest from you:
Are any of them in the military:
Are any of them in high school:
Which of them have tattoos:
Do any of them drive a truck:
Where did you last go with this person:
What color is this person's hair:
Does this person have any piercings:
What is this person's relationship status:
When is this person's birthday:
Have you met this person's parents:
Have you spent the night at this person's house:
Have you ever been to the movies together:
What color vehicle does this person drive:
What is this person's middle name:
Is this person shorter than you:
Where would this person most likely be found right now:
Have you ever kissed this person:
Does this person collect anything:
Where does this person work:
Are you older than this person:
Did you go to high school with this person:
Have you ever done something illegal with this person:
Would this person be more likely to go to a rock or country concert:
Does this person smoke:
How long have you known this person:
Is this person more outgoing or shy:
Is this person an only child:
Does this person live within 30 minutes of you:
A Few More Questions...
Who is older #3 or #4:
Who is more outgoing #2 or #5:
Who is more likely to get a speeding ticket #1 or #6:
Who have you known longer #4 or #6:
Who has more siblings #3 or #2:
Who is taller #1 or #5:
Who is more likely to read a book #1 or #4:
Who is more spontaneous #2 or #6:
Who did you see more recently #5 or #3: