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Author: dinosauramanda
Created: May 31, 2009
Taken: 397 times
Rated: G

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The memories that hang the heaviest are the easiest to recall

Created by dinosauramanda and taken 397 times on Bzoink
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Is there someone in your life you know you'd be better without?
Have you ever witnessed abuse in your friend's family?
Do you ditch school a lot?
What do you like about your display picture?
Do you get critized because of your body?
How much did you weigh when you were born?
Did you kiss the last person you called?
When was the last time you danced?
When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline?
Do you keep in mind of other people's feelings?
Are any of your friends pregnant?
If you have a hang nail do you pull it or clip it?
Who do you want to forget?
Who was the last person to send you a letter?
How much money is in your wallet?
When's the last time you did laundry?
How far have you gotten with the book you are reading?
Who did you last tell to shut up?
What's the last thing that you smelt that smelt bad?
Who were you with last night?
What's your favorite book at the moment?
What's your favorite cereal?
How do you feel when people lead you on, but they don't even like you?
Could you live without sunlight?
What's something you know is bad but you want to do it anyway?
What was the last thing you lied about?
Who is your number 2 speedial?
Do you regret anything you've done in the past week?
What was the last movie you bought?
What color is your underwear?
What type of underwear are you wearing?
What is a sport you would like to do?
When was the last time you felt like crying?
Have you ever wanted to kill someone?
What was the last song you listened to that wasn't sung in english?
What did you last draw?
What tv show would you like to be on?
If you could choose a pokemon, who would you pick?
Is Chuck Norris really as great as he seems?
What was the last video game you played?
Have you ever been in a musical?
Do you follow your own style or everyone else's?
What's the last store you bought from?
Who is your true best friend?
Do people use you a lot?
What are you doing two days from now?
Are there any teachers at your school that dislike you?
What turns you on?
Did you ever believe there were monsters in your closet?
Do you let random people sign your yearbook?
Would you adopt a child that had a mental illness?
Does thinking about death scare you?
If you died, would you go to heaven or hell?
Do you lick envelopes or tape them shut?
Do you care what people say or think about you?
Have you ever had surgery?
Have you ever been threatened?
Which side of your family do you get most of your qualities from?
What was the last thing you drank?
Have you ever kept a relationship a secret?
How much do you weigh?
How much do you want to weigh?
Who's the last person you called a creeper?
What street do you live on?
What is a quote that you love?