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Author: chelsea-smile
Created: June 1, 2009
Taken: 3 times
Rated: G

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All about me!

Created by chelsea-smile and taken 3 times on Bzoink
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The name's Benzie
I'm 16 with the mind of a 5 year old
I'm bi. Got a problem, get the fuck off my page
Taken by the amazing & gorgeous James Fegan a.k.a Foogan
I love meeting new peopl
I love going out in a crowd of people
I take hundres of pictures all the time
I dance in the rain
I smoke
I drink
I love going out with my friends
I'm a scene kid
I always have my iPod on full blast
I never leave home without it
I'm going to College in September
I go to Newcastle alot, so if you see me say hi, I don't bite.....hard
I love going to gigs & festivals
I stalk Go:Audio because I love them that much
I have an obsession with My Chemical Romance
I am everything I never wanted to be
I wish at 11.11 everyday
I am very hyper
I have Dyslexia
I have OCD
I am over coming an eating disorder
I am a MySpace whore
I am the type of girl who will laugh at something I got told the day before
I randomly laugh during an awkward silence
I'm gravitationally challenged. I fall over way too much
I'm genuinally a nice person, but I can be a right cunt at times
If you send me a message saying 'hey what's up'/'you okay'/what you up to'
I will NOT reply because those messages are boring
Send me something interesting
If I accept your add, you don't need to thank me for it
I do NOT vote, so don't ask me too
If you send me a message without a subject
I will NOT reply
Put someting intersting or random in the subject title
If you don't, then I know you haven't read my whole profile
Messages without a subject will be delted without being read
If you spam me with messages, I wil block you
If you send me insulting messages, I will block you
If you annoy me, I will block & delete you
If you don't like the sound of me, fuck off then
I may come across as a cocky/arrogant/stubborn bitch
but I am nice once you get to know me. Or talk to me
I hate it when I am judged for the way I dress
I hate it when people asume I'm a whore
Yes, I have had quite a few boyfrineds, but that doesn't make me a whore
I will not give out my number, so don't ask for it
I will not send nude pictures so don't ask for it
GUYS-I am taken, so don't ask me out or ask for a dirty chat
GIRLS-I am bi, but it doesn't mean I want you
If you give me high fives/gold stars/ profile view/autograph
I will happily return the favour
Bid on my pictures. If I have enough money, I will bid on yours
If you become my groupie, I will become yours
If you want to know anymore about me
send me a message or an autograph