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Author: dreamoncupcake
Created: June 4, 2009
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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cuts on paper hearts they can be awful deep

Created by dreamoncupcake and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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do you like muffins? which one's best?
have you ever owned a budgie? or, on that note, any other bird?
how do you like your eggs?
if you had one meal left of your life, what would it be?
ever kissed someone whose name starts with an o, j or t?
do you like the rain?
if your currently a teenager, are you grumpy often?
do you like to irritate people for the fun of it?
describe the best day of your life so far?
and the worst?
do you think you have ever been in love?
say something to someone right here, right now?
ever made something out of a box?
what about making shoes out of bubblewrap?
do you wear simple jewellery or more unique stuff?
do you believe in god?
how do you think the world will end?
if your life was about to end, would you die happily?
do you know what song the title of this survey's from?
would you like fries with that?
tell me something, anything, about yourself..
tell me something about your best friend..
couples in public: cute or unnecessary?
are you a vegetarian?
why or why not?
would you ever consider eating a person? (..ew)
have you ever harmed yourself on purpose?
do you like to wear odd socks?
have you ever walked into a lamp-post?
uk or usa?
what are your future plans? think big :)!
would you die for someone you love?
can you do the robot dance?
have you ever took something apart just to put it back together?
is any of your body itching right now?
who is the first contact in your phone under the initial 'j'?
do you wear glasses?
do you own ugg boots?
have you ever jumped in puddles?
have you ever stolen milk/sugar sachets from anywhere?
have you ever put up a tent?
is it difficult?
what's the longest queue you've ever been in?
would you ever visit an egyptian pyramid?
do you enjoy history?
have you ever made paper dolls?
have you ever drawn on your walls?
do you work hard & try your best in all you do?
what is your most used smiley?
who was the last person to visit you unexpectedly?
have you ever ridden a horse?
what about a camel?
have you ever been surprised in public?
have you ever gotten lost at a really simple place?
what's the funniest signpost you've ever seen?
did you ever think the sun was following you?
are you good at drawing?
doing impressions?
best concert you've ever been to?
have you ever been in a moshpit?
are you a girly girl?
do your friends take bad pictures of you?
do you have an online blog?
are you very insightful?
do you have a 'sixth sense'?
do you walk into childrens stores & try on masks?
have you gone through a gothic phase?
what about emo?
..any others?
ever been pushed into a bush?
ever pushed someone else into a bush?
ever screamed your heart out?