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Author: xsuomibaby
Created: June 4, 2009
Taken: 91 times
Rated: PG

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Another survey :]

Created by xsuomibaby and taken 91 times on Bzoink
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What time were you born?
Do you understand computers well?
What political party do you agree with most?
Would you rather live in 2050 or 1950?
What is your favorite way to say hello?
Would you rather be the hero or the villian?
Are you reckless?
What is your heratige?
What are the initials of the first person you kissed?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Is English your first or second language?
Have you ever wanted to go to Tokyo?
Did you just lose the game?
Do you like McDonald's?
Peace and quiet or loud chaos?
Facebook or Myspace?
What kind of drunk are you?
Do you know what country Deustchland is?
Do you go to the library often?
What is your lucky number?
Do you believe in karma?
Have you ever done magic?
What is your favorite kind of candle?
What is your favorite hairstyle?
What is one trait you can't stand in someone?
Do you prefer school or summer?
Tell me about one of your scars.
What stereotype are you?
Can you handle freezing weather?
If you had money for charity, which charity would you send it to?
Do you draw well?
What is your favorite card game?
Has there been a class in school you loved?
What is your dad's job?
What is the weirdest language you've seen?
Paper or plastic?
What grocery store do you prefer to shop at?
Do you usually remember your dreams?
Do you feel like crying?
Do you like popsicles?
Have you ever made someone a present after you were age ten?
Can you cook?
Ever had surgery?
Can you handle blood?
Would you rather be able to fly or hold your breath underwater?
Do you practice good self control?
Do you clean under your bed?
What will you tell your future children when they're afraid of monsters?
Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
Have you ever said "lol" in real life?
Horizontal or vertical stripes?
Can you do math?
How do you want to die?
Name something that makes you laugh.
Do you swear?
Have you ever had sex?
Do you like to make jewlery?
Do you have best friends of both genders?
What always comforts you?
You know that life will always get better from here, right?
Do you eat sourdough bread?
What is your opinion on Canada?
Did you kill Kenny?
How often do you get hyper?
How do you like your peanut butter sandwiches?