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Author: deirdrelove
Created: June 5, 2009
Taken: 312 times
Rated: G

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Even though I have everything in this world, I am alone.

Created by deirdrelove and taken 312 times on Bzoink
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What is todays date?
Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Do you wear perfume or cologne?
What kind of computer are you using?
What colour is your mouse?
Is it sunny outside?
What has the weather been like lately?
When was the last time you cried?
When was the last time you sincerely smiled?
When was the last time you laughed freely?
Do you eat breakfast regularly?
Do you take vitamins?
When was the last time you took aspirin or some other pain reliever?
When did you learn to tie your shoes?
What was your favourite grade in elementary school?
Do you like clouds?
What colour are your shoelaces?
How many states have you been to?
How many different countries have you been to?
When was the last time you deeply regretted something?
Do you go to other people for advice or do you deal with things on your own
How long was your longest relationship?
What is your favourite brand of gum?
What is something that you regularly wear that makes you stand out?
Do you own a debit card?
A credit card?
Are you in debt?
When is your birthday?
How old will you be?
What kind of cake is your favourite?
Do you prefer small birthday parties or big ones?
What song are you listening to now?
Do you download illegal mp3's?
What was the most traumatic experience of your life?
Have you ever lost a friend to drugs or alcohol?
Who was your childhood best friend?
Are you still friends now?
If not, why?
Are you sitting at a desk right now?
Are you eating or drinking?
How many surveys have you taken today?
Have you ever made a survey?
If you haven't you should. Its fun. =]
Do you know what song the title of this survey is from?
I don't blame you if you don't...but if you do you should PM me.
Did you ever have any sort of collection?
Do you believe in Karma?
What do you thinks happens to us when we die?
What age do you think you'll die?
If you knew you had one more month to live what would you do?
About how long was the last book you read?
Have you read any books by V.C.Andrews?
Have you ever read a play before?
A play not written by Shakespeare?
Have you ever read a play outside of school?
What is one career you don't think you could do no matter how much it paid?
Would you want to live in the country or the city?
Do you prefer large cities or small ones?
Do you/Did you ride the school bus?
If not how did you get to school?
Do you have iTunes on your computer?
Have you ever edited Wikipedia?
Have you ever edited any other wiki?
Is there a website [besides social networking] that you check almost daily?
Are you procrastinating?
Do/Did you make good grades in school?
What is your relationship with your parents like?
Do you have a better relationship with one parent than the other?
Do you look like your mom or your dad?
Do you write things on your hand to remind yourself?
Do you use your phone as an alarm?
Do you listen to music while you sleep?
Do you get scared when you know some virus or sickness is being passed?
Are you realistic?
Do you sing in the shower?