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Author: michellerockon
Created: June 9, 2009
Taken: 125 times
Rated: G

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The Fabulous 4 In Your Life

Created by michellerockon and taken 125 times on Bzoink
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Who are the fabulous 4?
Number 1
Why are they number one?
What is their whole name?
Would you ever date them?
What song reminds you of them?
Would you say that you are close friends?
Number 2
How do you know them?
Anything funny that you know about them?
Do you trust them with a secret?
When did you last see them?
How old are they?
Number 3
Are they a girl or boy?
Best trait about them is?
Ever cried in front of them?
How long have you known them?
Would you call them your sibling?
Of The Four Fabulous
Who is the hottest?
Which one is older?
Which one have you known the longest?
Who would you carry on a roadtrip with you?
Who is the funniest?
Which one is single?
Are any of them dating each other?
Which one is the quietest?
Who is the loudest?
Which one makes you wonder about them?
Any of them older than you?
Who is the most athletic?
Which one is the smartest?
How many of them have you dated?
Which one is the weirdest?
Could you live comfortably with any of them?
Mix And Match
How would you rate number one on a scale of 0 to 10?
What is number 4 obsessed with?
What is the funniest thing to ever happen to number 3?
What is number 2's middle name?
Do you have a nickname for number 4?
Would 2 and 4 make a good couple?
How about 1 and 3?
One thing about number 2 you hate is?
Who is crazier 1 or 4?
Is number 3 gay?
Has 2 or 4 ever told you a secret?
Is number 3 older or younger than you?
Who is more girly 1 or 4?
Would you ever make fun of number 2?
Has number 3 ever done anything mean to you?
What is the nicest thing number 4 has ever done for you?
Has number 1 ever made you cry?
Would you give number 2 a hug right now?
Are you more like 1 or 3?
Is number 4 a relative?
Does number 2 need rehab?
Is number 3 mentally challenged?
How many pictures do you have of number 1?
Which one would you blame for a prank?
Which one would blame you for a prank?
Are any of them bipolar?
Do you have any of their clothes at your house?
Do any of them make fun of you?
Which one would call you stupid?
Are number 4 and 1 siblings?
How well do number 2 and 3 know each other?
Is number 1 a hater?
Does number 2 know your number?
Are number 3 and 4 honest with you?