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Author: jesuis-supermodel
Created: June 10, 2009
Taken: 1,133 times
Rated: PG

The Bucket List

Created by jesuis-supermodel and taken 1133 times on Bzoink
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THE BUCKET LIST. These are good things everybody should get to do in life.
Put an X if you've done something, and an O if you haven't.
graduated high school
climbed the Eiffel Tower
been in love with someone who loves you
been to China
been to New York City
been to the beach
had a pet
had a summer fling
read The Little Prince
stayed up all night for fun
watched a whole sunrise
watch a whole sunset
gone on a road trip
done an anonymous act of kindness
kissed in the rain
been high on marijuana
traveled alone
been surprised with a party
had a job you love
won a contest
been to a concert
forgiven someone for an unforgivable thing
protested for something you believe in
cried from laughing so hard
laughed so hard it hurt
sat in the audience of a tv show
given someone a gift for no occasion
seen fireworks
repaired/built a house for community service
been on a cruise
admitted you were wrong
ridden in a convertible
learned how to swim
learned how to ride a bike
had sex with someone you love
swam in more than one ocean/sea
been outside your country
learned another language
learned to love & accept your flaws
learned to love & accept someone else's flaws
been to a wedding
saved a life
gone ice skating
found true happiness
had a paranormal experience
ridden a horse
cried during a movie
surprised someone by cooking a meal
got away with playing hookey to do something fun
listened to an entire song over 10 mins long
been to a live comedy show
ran at least 4 miles without stopping
walked in a charity event
donated money you earned yourself
won a game of Monopoly
been to California
helped someone make a life-altering decision
gotten away with something illegal but harmless
learned something from someone half your age
sang karaoke
helped someone you didn't think deserved it
had a bad experience that ended up changing your life for the better
personally thanked your hero or role model
gone to a psychic
gone camping
ridden a train alone
saw the movie Into the Wild or read the book
made a stranger's day
gone to a movie alone in theaters
donated something to the sick (blood, wig, organ, etc.)
got out of trouble with the police
made a snow angel
held a baby
stopped getting fast food
been to a Major League Baseball game
laughed off something truly embarrassing
bought something through eBay
waited in line for at least an hour & it was worth it
gotten a professional massage
won a trophy
stood up for the right thing against all others