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Author: marilyn22
Created: June 10, 2009
Taken: 124 times
Rated: G

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just a little something to pass the time

Created by marilyn22 and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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hello there!
so how is your day going?
if you could describe it in three words, what would they be?
if you are having a bad day what would cheer you up?
you like cookies?
if i made you cookies would that make your day?
dancing is fun right?
if your friends dont dance do you think you shouldnt be friends with them?
so the lyrics to safety dance are wrong??
do ever stand on your head or turn upside down for fun?
do you like the feeling of blood rushing to your head?
are you a roller coaster or ferris wheel person?
do you put your arms in the air and scream on roller coasters?
do you swing the cart on ferris wheels?
you ever wanted to work at a carnival and run the rides?
what do you want to be when you 'grow up'?
do you even plan on growing up?
its ok if you dont. cause i dont plan to either :]
have any pets?
ever punt them across the room?
if yes why? if no why not?
do you believe money is the root of all evil?
do you believe everybody has to have some good in them somewhere?
ever cry for no reason?
ever laugh in the middle of dead silence?
ever feel awkward when you think of something funny and smile?
ever want to take the money out of a mall fountain?
if you have, naughty naughty...but i have too
tic tac toe...ever wondered who invented that lame ass game?
D0 y0U hAt3 It Wh3N P30pL3 WriT3 LiK3 ThiS??
ever touch somebodys gum on the body of a desk and get sick?
are you germaphobic?
are you messy or neat?
what would you do if you slept over a friends house and found a rat?
what if they told you it was their pet named thomas?
do like weird critters like rats and mice?
would you ever want a kangaroo as a pet?
whats your favorite flower?
get sick when you see road kill?
do you like fergie?
do you think that shes a bit conceided?
whats your current favorite song?
ever had braces?
were you made fun of?
high fives or hand shakes?
whens you birthday?
would you like me to get you something? if so what?
ever had someone burn a bag of poo on your porch?
you like jehovahs witnesses?
if you were kidnapped do you believe you would be able to get away?
do you give good massages?
whats your favorite day of the week?
do you go to church?
whats your favorite tv show?
ever laughed so hard you peed?
how about cried?
have you seen the movie sex drive?
whats your favorite genre of movies?
what would you do if you met angelina jolie?
have a song you just cant help but dance to?
vincent d'onofrio, amazing actor. no?
does a girl with an accent turn you on or off?
bubble baths, fun or gross?
sleep, amazing or a waste of time?
sex, best thing on the planet or something to pass the time?
ever loved someone so much it hurt?
like guys with long or short hair?
would you ever get your nipples pierced?
belly button?
if you had both nips and belly button pierced would you connected them
would you ever have sex on the beach?
k i think thats the end of the quiz
have a nice day!
o wait! one last question...
are you truely truely 100% happy with your life?