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About This Survey

Author: kayluhhxkutthroat
Created: June 13, 2009
Taken: 84 times
Rated: G

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We'll Live on Front Porches And Swing Life Away (Survey About Friends)

Created by kayluhhxkutthroat and taken 84 times on Bzoink
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Here We Go:
Do you have friends:
Who are your friends:
Who would you consider your best friend:
Do you think a person can have more than one best friend:
Do you:
How would you describe all your friends in one word:
Give me your own definition of the word friend:
How much do your friends mean to you:
Which friend did you talk to last:
Which one did you hang out with last:
What did you do:
Did you enjoy it:
Which one did you text last:
What did the text say:
How do you think your friends would describe you:
Are you always there for your friends:
Which friend do you fight with a lot:
Which friend could you never fight with:
Would you let anything come between you and your friends:
Have you ever:
What was it:
Have you ever done something to a friend that you regret:
What was it:
Which friend do you trust the most:
Can you trust all of your friends:
Do you think your friends can trust you:
Do you keep all of their secrets:
Could you ever hate any of your friends:
Do you and your friends have a lot in common:
Which one do you have the most in common with:
Where did you meet most of your friends:
Which friend do your parents like the best:
Whose parents like you the most:
Are you allowed to see your friends outside of school:
Which one of your friends is:
The joker:
The smart one:
The player:
The athlete:
The sassy one:
The mean one:
The druggie:
The partier:
The teachers pet:
The perfectionist:
The nice one:
The cool kid:
The punk:
The goth:
The prep:
The outgoing one:
The annoying one:
The loud one:
The unhappy one:
The strong one:
The weak one:
The not so smart one:
The helper:
The best friend:
The one who is like family to you:
The best ever:
The hater:
The rock star:
More Questions:
Do you love your friends:
Have you ever had a crush on just a friend:
Did they know about it:
Did they like you back:
Do you believe an ex can be a friend after a break up:
How often do you talk to your friends:
Would they be there for you through anything:
Which friend do you think is most likely to ditch you:
Which friend would you like to live with:
Which friend would you like to be in a band with:
Do you see yourself being friends with these people forever:
Who was your friend the longest:
Who was your friend the shortest:
How long was your longest friendship: