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Author: shaarnaa
Created: June 13, 2009
Taken: 217 times
Rated: PG

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Created by shaarnaa and taken 217 times on Bzoink
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kissed any one today?
kissed anyone starting with the letter k?
kept any of your ex's stuff?
kinky or rough sex?
kissed another persons bf or gf?
kiss any one on nye?
kfc or mcdonalds?
keeping a secret atm?
kicked some one after kissing them before?
kissed some one then regretted in ammediantly?
interested in anyone?
is kissing while single ok?
into any sort of drug?
intelligent or dumb bf/gf?
is the last person to txt you the one you loved?
is sex on todays agenda?
internation dating, would u do it?
is the last person you kissed a good kisser?
irritated atm?
in love atm?
is everything ok?
S x2
slept with any one recently?
stolen some ones heart before?
so what's the name of ur bf/gf/crush?
sent any naughty txt msgs or pix today?
stuck your tongue down the throat of some1 starting with S?
Silly gf/bf or sensible bf/gf
seen a penis before?
screamer or groaner?
said something stupid to the person you like today?
ever kissed some1 of the same sex?
eaten garlic then kissed some1 4gettin u had garlic breath?
ever beeen called a slut?
every one hates you, now what?
estimate how many times you've kissed some1 this year:
ever snuck out of home to see some1 you like?
edward cullen or jacob black?
every person that's txted you today?
erection problems are a very serious thing, don't you agree?
done anything illegal?
don't look at your inbox, now who was the last person to txt you?
did they say something nice?
did you wb?
did you ever like a friends bf or gf?
does your parents no everything you have done, sexually?
do you brag about your sexual conquests?
do you think sex before marriage is ok?
done something to mean to some1 in the past week?
do you believe in karma?
who was your first kiss?
who was your last?
who was your best?
who was your worst?
who was the last person to say ily