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Author: jesuis-supermodel
Created: June 15, 2009
Taken: 162 times
Rated: G

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Created by jesuis-supermodel and taken 162 times on Bzoink
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What's your name?
Where are you from?
How old are you?
Name who/what you hate most?
Favorite band/singer?
Favorite food?
Favorite TV show?
Favorite chain restaurant?
Favorite clothing brand?
Favorite sports team?
Your eye color?
Zodiac sign?
Where do you go to school?
Name of favorite childhood stuffed animal/doll/action figure?
What's on your favorite jewelry (or t-shirt, for guys)?
Favorite comedian?
Favorite magazine?
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Worst reality TV show?
Your most dominant nationality?
Favorite subject in school?
Favorite city in the U.S.?
Favorite city outside of the U.S.?
Celebrity Crush?