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Author: shainatherainbow
Created: June 16, 2009
Taken: 147 times
Rated: PG

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take another breath dont it sound so easy neva had a doubt now im goin crazy.

Created by shainatherainbow and taken 147 times on Bzoink
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nobody cares what your name is but do you like it?
what age do you look?
do you dye your hair alot?
OKAY so lets say you and your friend are at wal*mart and theres a creepy
looking guy following you and your scared and your friend pussies out and
leaves you with the guy,what do you do?
^ answer here:
put an x next to the bands that are on your ipod/playlist
all time low:
three days grace:
the maine:
breaking benjamin:
the beatles:
black eyed peas:
lady gaga:
escape the fate:
cobra starship:
jonas brothers:
the offspring:
you cant have that cookie.
do you remember the show stanley on disney channel?
who was your best friend in kidergarden?
what about 1st grade?
2nd grade?
current best friend[s]?
salt and pepper.
do you like pizza?
what does the 2nd to last text in your outbox say?
have you ever submitted an FML or MLIA?
itunes,limewire,frostwire,or none?
you got a webcam?
the last magazine you read;who was on the cover?
what are your moms initials?
your initials?
did you say 'fuck' today?
do you cuss alot when your mad?
do people misunderstand you?
are you a pryo?
if you took a picture of yourself RIGHT now,would you post it online?
rate yourself right now on a scale 1-10:
rate yourself on a regular day basis:
are you watching TV?
whats the name of the next girl that talks on TV?
ever done crack?
be honest,have you ever been drunk?
why are you taking this survey??
are you hungry?