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Author: friendly-fire
Created: June 16, 2009
Taken: 288 times
Rated: PG

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-I lost my faith to this, this town that don't exist-

Created by friendly-fire and taken 288 times on Bzoink
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Will you be attending any concerts in the next month?
Have you ever had to do a class in summer school?
What have you been worried about lately?
Do you know how to swim?
Have you ever gotten gum or another sticky substance stuck in your hair?
The stupidest thing you've ever done:
Do you know anyone who has been laid off from work recently?
Have you ever went a year without getting your hair cut?
Do you think you could go a week without sugar?
Would you be willing to go one day each week without meat?
Do you feel comfortable telling people how much you weigh?
Do you have any talents that your friends don't know about?
Are you any good at sewing?
Have you looked at any old photos of your yourself lately?
Has anyone ever interviewed you about one of your hobbies/talents?
Would you ever consider experimenting with drugs?
Do you carry a calculator around with you everywhere?
Do you like to plan things out or just go with the flow?
In a relationship, have you ever been on and off with your partner?
Do you use sunscreen during the summer?
Do you garden at all? If so, what types of things do you grow?
Do you consider cooking to be an art?
How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
Are you a fast or slow reader?
How many books would you say you have read this year?
Would you ever spend $500 on concert tickets?
Do you know anyone who looks like you?
Do you get nervous when you go to the doctor? About what?
Are you a short tempered person?
Does it take a lot to gross you out?
Last time you seen an ocean:
Do you collect sea shells?
Best thing you've found at a thrift store:
Would you survive if you were stranded in a strange city all by yourself?