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Author: kaytlyn-brianne
Created: June 16, 2009
Taken: 30 times
Rated: G

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Boredom Takes Over...Who You Gunna Call? THIS SURVEY!!<3

Created by kaytlyn-brianne and taken 30 times on Bzoink
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alright whats your name?
Whats the grossest name ever for a boy?
For a girl?
Whats You View On Hermaphrodites?
Do you even know what a Hermaphrodite is?
Would you ever/ do you wear thongs?
What do think about fat guys in banana hammocks?
Gross....im sorry.
Do You have a music player of some sort? (ex:zune, ipod, mp3)
describe your favourite picture of yourself.
if you could re-do you room what colour would it be?
do you have an vinyl records?
if so what bands and such?
what type of music are you into?
when was the last time you actually read a book for fun?
What are your views on Leopard Print clothes?
name 8 people now (can be ur top friends)
number one
do they mean something special to you?
how did you meet them?
what was ur first thought of them?
say something to them right now.
what colour are their eyes?
number two(no not poop)
why weren't they number one?
do you like being around them?
what have you learned from them?
What colour is their hair?
do they have a job?
number three
have they graduated?
that were they wearing last time you saw them?
have you been in their bedroom?
do they get high?
what type of music do they listen to?
number four
do they know any other languages?
do they wear make-up?
would you ever date them?
could you ever picture them in a musical?
would they look hot in a bikini?
number five
what do they dress like?
would they look good as a redhead?
do they play the accordian?
name a good time you've had with them.
when's their birthday?
number six
do they worship satan?
are they single?
whats their middle name?
can you picture them in assless chaps?
would you ever murder them?
number seven
what was the last movie you watched with them?
would they look ok with a shaved head?
would you ever want to see them naked?
do they have big boobs?
do you really want to give this person a make-over?
number eight
if this person were a crayon colour...what colour would they be?
what would you do if this person went full out gothic?
what if this person asked you for a slowdance?
do this person smell bad or good?
is this person kinda nerdy?
would they make a cute couple????
1 and 8
7 and 6
4 and 1
2 and 5
3 and 7
5 and 4
8 and 3
2 and 6
ending questions.
did i relieve boredom?
sorry if i didnt...do you accept my apology?