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Author: melissa526
Created: June 17, 2009
Taken: 171 times
Rated: G

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Deal with life, you are living it arent you?

Created by melissa526 and taken 171 times on Bzoink
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:) Getting Started (:
Ok first, what time is it?
Now whats your name?
what about age?
when is your birthday?
what is your hair color?
what is your eye color?
what is your height?
what about weight?
:) Getting to more questions (:
do you like your life?
do you have any siblings?
if so, how many?
if so, what are their names?
do you live in a house?
do you eat with your hands?
do you like to write?
what about drawing?
are you writing a book?
do you like doritos?
what about lays chips?
:) Favorites (:
TV Show?
Non-Acohol Drink?
Day of the Week?
:) here comes some more! (:
do you carry a purse?
do you go to school?
what grade are you in?
do you still play with stuffed animals?
are you scared of the dark?
do you like spiders and other bugs?
do you watch disney channel movies?
what channels do u watch on tv?
how much a day do you get on the internet
what color shirt are you wearing?
do you eat at mcdonalds?
do you shop at target?
do you like football??
have you been to a funeral this year?
if so, who was it?
how about a wedding?
who was it for?
are you tired of this yet?
well do you want it to end?
well i'm gonna keep going ok?
:) Gonna keep on going (:
Are you a christian?
What state do you live in?
want me to name every state?
well dont worry i wont, ok?
do you believe that things happen for reasons?
do you believe in heaven and hell?
do you like cheeseburgers?
do you like ketchup?
what about mustard?
do you like to sing?
do you like to dance?
what about both at the same time?
have you ever been on stage?
does anything annoy you?
:) What would you do if..(:
someone walks up to you and knocks you to the ground asking for money?
someone was on top of a tower screaming for help?
there was a fire in your house?
you saw a wreck and everyone in it was dead?
you got in the middle of a fight?
you saw a fight?
you found a wallet with $1000 in it?
you could die?
you saw someone drowning?
some stranger has a heart attack?
a dog with rabies bites you?
people dont shut up when you tell them to?
:) How do you get ready for..(:
:) What would you wear to..(:
:) The End (:
Are you ready for this to end?
Well just a few more questions, we're gonna get to 105 ok?
soo how is life?
how are u at the moment?
do you got a myspace?
what is your favorite thing to draw?
are you single?
in a relationship?
this is the last ok?
its 105 questions now, hope you enjoyed this. goodbye