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Author: dreamoncupcake
Created: June 17, 2009
Taken: 86 times
Rated: G

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she could be rainy days, minimum wage

Created by dreamoncupcake and taken 86 times on Bzoink
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do you know someone who is actually mentally retarded?
do you know anybody disabled?
how about someone famous?
do you live every day like it's your last?
do you enjoy looking at old photos of yourself?
describe your favourite photo?
how many clocks are in your house?
last party you went to?
last time you were drunk?
newest item of clothing bought?
choose: skydive out of a plane or go scubadiving?
would you like underwater cars to be invented?
how about flying cars?
if you could invent anything, what would it be?
have you ever used the excuse 'my dog ate my homework'?
longest song you've ever heard?
are you currently in a relationship?
best gift you've ever been given?
have you ever honestly been heartbroken?
are your family really close?
how far away does your closest friend live?
best holiday you've been on?
how about the worst?
ever made a youtube video?
what's the last video you viewed online?
have you ever illegally downloaded music?
do you like the song 'don't trust me' by 3oh!3 or is it over-rated?
do you laugh when people say 'penis'?
true story: i was walking down a street today & this man approached me and
shouted ANAL about 5 times.. just thought i'd share that :P
would you ever consider changing your sexuality?
worst film you've ever seen?
the best film you've ever seen?
has anything dramatic ever happened to you?
do you have a calendar in your room? describe it
scented or plain candles?
do you like techno music?
help me out guys! i've gotta make a couple of mix cd's for a party of
different aged people (2 - 70).
what bands/songs/types of music should i put on?
ever eaten haggis?
do you know what it is?
if you had to label yourself, what would it be?
do you like writing in coloured pens?
best cover of a song ever done?
personally, i love iris by new found glory & i wanna love you by the maine
do you have msn?
club penguin?
most hi-tech equipment you own?
when do you want to be married by?
how old will you be in 5 years?
have you ever found something & kept it?
are you still in high school?
are you gonna get a summer job?
do you prefer to make your own cd's to make them vary?
best album cover you've seen?
do you like taylor swift?
marilyn manson?
when did you take your first proper picture of yourself?
do you rename photos or keep them default?
could you imagine life without your best friends?
would you ever commit suicide?
do you have enough space for your clothes?
how about your accessories?
how many pairs of shoes do you have?
are you any good at woodwork?
have you ever paddled in a lake?
eaten a picnic publicly?
been on a rope swing in a forest?
been for a walk lasting longer than 3 hours?
do you wish on stars?
ever seen a wishing well?
do you like rainbows?
are oreos food of the gods?
ever been on bbc.co.uk/slink? (i recommend it)
how about fmylife.com? (even better!)
last time you felt ill?
when will your next exam be?
do you want to learn to drive?
how many children do you want?
have you thought of names for your children?
what are you doing tomorrow?
having a nice day?
what would your perfect boy be like? and what would he be called?
finally, gimme some song lyrics?