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About This Survey

Author: -egocentricity-
Created: June 20, 2009
Taken: 59 times
Rated: PG

- Internal Seething -

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 59 times on Bzoink
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What was the last rude thing you said to someone?
^ Did you apologize, or did you mean what you said?
Do you know anyone who HATES your favorite band, or one of your favorites?
Do you know anyone who hates / dislikes your favorite celebrity?
What are you made fun of most for liking?
^ Does this bother you at all?
Do you ever give others a hard time for liking something? Why or why not?
How would you rate your taste in music?
^ How would you rate your best friend's taste, compared to yours?
When was the last time you went shoe-shopping?
^ How many pairs did you try on? What did you end up buying?
Do you prefer to shop alone, or with others? Why is this?
Is there a store you purposely avoid? Why?
Are there stores you don't shop at because they're " trendy "?
^ Does it bother you to follow a trend? Do you intentionally avoid them?
Are your hands unsteady?
What was the last sharp object you held?
^ What did you do with it?
When you draw a circle, does it come out well, or does it look ...
more like a lumpy oval?
Are you envious of anyone's artistic abilities?
Is there a survey site that you visit most often? Which?
What was the last button that you pressed?
What was the last CD that you put in your player / stereo?
When was the last time you shuffled your playlist?
Well, shuffle it now, and list the next 10 songs /artists that come up.
Is #1 one of your favorite songs?
^ Who or what does it remind you of?
^ Have you listened to this song today?
Is #2's lead singer male or female?
^ Where did you hear about this band?
^ Is this a band that your friends like too?
Have you ever seen #3 in concert?
^ Would you want to?
^ What was the last song you listened to by this band?
Do you find anyone in #4 to be attractive?
^ Do you relate to this song's lyrics?
^ What is your favorite song by this band?
How would you describe #5's sound?
^ How long has this band been together?
^ Would you rather meet this band's bassist or dummer?
Have you ever had any of #6's songs on repeat?
^ How many members does this band have?
^ Do you ever sing their songs out loud?
Have you ever had a dream about any members of #7?
^ Do the lyrics to this song relate to your life in any way?
^ How does this song effect your mood?
Would #8 make a good song to dance to?
^ Would you kiss this band's lead singer?
^ What are your favorite lyrics by this band?
Could you fall asleep easily listening to #9?
^ Has this song ever helped you through any tough times?
^ Is this a band you would recommend to others?
Is #10 a band you listen to regularly?
^ How many times do they appear on your current playlist?