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Author: teamlightyear
Created: June 21, 2009
Taken: 214 times
Rated: G

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Kiss? Or Diss? (Girls Only)

Created by teamlightyear and taken 214 times on Bzoink
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Okay, We're gonna play a little game:]
Ready for this?
I name a famous guys, And you say Kiss Or Diss.
Would you kiss him? Or Diss him?
Zac Efron?
Robert Pattinson?
Taylor Lautner?
Cody Linley?
Joe Jonas?
David Garrett? (Look him up... I think he's hot!!)
Nick Jonas?
Kevin Jonas?
Heath Ledger? (R.I.P)
Jason Dolley?
Marilyn Manson?
Leonardo Dicaprio? (Titanic)
David Archuleta?
Daniel Radcliffe? (Harry Potter)
Corbin Bleu?
Dylan Sprouse?
Cole Sprouse?
Antonio Banderas? (Zoro)
Alex Evans?
Sterling Knight?
Kellan Lutz?
Chris Brown?
Drake Bell?
Josh Peck?
Paris Hilton? (Who is secretly a man:D)
Orlando Bloom?
Brad Pitt?
Johnny Depp?
Chad Michael Murray?
Tom Welling?
Patrick Dempsey?
Hayden Christensen?
Personally... I don't think he's that cute.
But Ya Know... Whatever Floats your boat!!
Now... Say you were a guy...?
Miley Cyrus? *Gag*
Demi Lavato?
Selena Gomez?
Ashley Tisdale?
Kristen Stewart?
Kiki Palmer?
Lindsay Lohan?
Katy Perry?
Avril Lavigne?
Hillary Duff?
Taylor Swift?
Carrie Underwood?
Vanesse Ann Hudgens?
Leona Lewis?
Megan Fox?
Haha... One More guy...
Will Smith?
He's Bangin Sexy ;]