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Author: kaylanumba1
Created: June 21, 2009
Taken: 42 times
Rated: PG

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b0ut alm0st anything

Created by kaylanumba1 and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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b0ut yu
wh0 is ur bf?
do yu l0ve him?
if yes y?
d0 u want t0 b wit him 4ever?
last thing
song yu listen t0?
last pers0n yu talked t0?
pers0n t0 txt yu?
last tym yu t0ld s0me0ne yu l0ve them?
wh0 was da last pers0n yu t0ld dat t0?
This 0r that
l0ve 0r m0ney?
ph0ne 0r cpu?
tv 0r music?
pepsi 0r c0ke?
cake 0r ice cream?
d0g 0r cat?
bac t0 l0ve
wh0 was ur ex?
d0 u still l0ve him?
d0 u think im askin t0 many questi0ns?
wh0 is ur crush?
where did yall meet?
is u g0in 0ut wit him?
wh0 is ur bestfriend(s)?
which 1 is l0ud?
which 1 is shy?
which 1 w0uld kn0ck s0mb0dy 0ut 4 talkin crap?
myspace things
wh0 is ur t0p 8?
h0w do yu knw # 1?
w0uld #2 n 4 make a cute c0uple?
D0 yu g0 wit #1?
d0 6 n 1 knw each 0ther?
d0 3 n 5 make a cute c0uple?
wat b0ut 7 n 5?
anythin else t0 say?