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About This Survey

Author: kayluhhxkutthroat
Created: June 22, 2009
Taken: 604 times
Rated: G

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I'm Immune To You Now (Boyfriend Survey)

Created by kayluhhxkutthroat and taken 604 times on Bzoink
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What is your boyfriends name?
Do you like his name?
Do you know his middle name?
Is he embarrassed by it?
Have you ever met his parents?
What do they think of you?
Has he met your parents?
What do they think of him?
Have you met him in person?
Is it a long distance relationship?
Is he older than you?
Does he have any pets?
Any siblings?
Do his siblings like you?
Is He..
A liar
A cheater
What/when was the last:
Time you seen him
Thing you said to him
Time you said you loved him
Time he said he loved him
Time you called/texted him
Time you fought with him
Do you think you will be with him for forever
Do you believe in true love
Do you think this is true love
Have you ever caught him cheating
Has he ever caught you cheating
Does he ignore you
Does he act different when he's around his friends
Does he act embarrassed around you
Have you gotten him into any new hobbies
Has he gotten you into any new hobbies
How long have you been together
Have you ever broken up before
Is he controlling
How many times a day does he tell you he loves you
Does he flirt with other girls
Is he secretive
What's his favorite color
What is his favorite thing to do
Could you see yourself marrying him someday
Could you see yourself having children with him
Does he ever ditch you
What thing about him do you love the most?
Which do you hate the most?