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Author: nadine07
Created: June 22, 2009
Taken: 390 times
Rated: PG

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What's the Truth About You?

Created by nadine07 and taken 390 times on Bzoink
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Let's Find Out All About You
With a Long True/False Survey
Just Answer, No Explanations Necessary
You are female:
You received a gift last Valentine's Day:
You have been hit on at work:
You have watched someonen shoplift:
You have eaten simply out of boredom:
You are ticklish:
You have thrown up in a public place:
You have had something remind you of your ex that made you miss them:
You have been out of the country within the last 6 months:
You have been a designated driver:
You have played spin the bottle:
You have played strip poker:
You have been skinny dipping:
You have been toilet papering:
You have been in a cemetary at midnight:
You have made a prank phone call:
You have pretended to be your mom/dad on the phone:
You have snuck into a movie without paying:
You have stolen a street sign of some sort:
You have had someone walk in on you in a dressing room:
You have been to Walmart in the past 24 hours:
You drive a blue vehicle:
You have at some point in time had blonde highlights:
You have liked someone and never told them:
You have told someone you liked them and been rejected:
You have been liked by someone you didn't expect:
Your parents are divorced:
Both or one of your parents are married to different people:
Your grandma is over 80:
You have a tattoo that most people don't know about:
You have an ankle tattoo:
You have a tramp stamp:
You have a tribal tattoo:
You have piercings other than your ears:
You have your nose pierced:
You have your belly button pierced:
You have a Monroe piercing:
You have gauges to stretch your ear lobes:
You have had a crush on a sibling's friend:
You have had a crush on a friend's sibling:
You work 30+ hours a week:
You have received a phone call within the last hour:
You were named after someone:
You were born between April & September of your birth year:
You were born before 1994:
You were born before 1990:
You were born before 1986:
Your last name is longer than 5 letters long:
Your last name begins with a 'C':
Your last name begins with a 'L':
Your last name begins with a 'S':
Your middle name begins with a 'N':
Your middle name begins with a 'R':
Your middle name begins with a 'D':
Your first name begins with a 'B':
Your first name begins with a 'H':
Your first name begins with a 'Z':
You prefer taking showers to taking baths:
You have taken a foreign language class:
You have taken an art class:
You have taken a music class:
You own a denim jacket:
You own a pair of skinny jeans:
You own something tie dyed:
You own a 'little black dress':
You have seen your father cry:
You have caused your mother to cry:
You have had to have your pet put to sleep:
You know someone who had a late term miscarriage:
You know someone under 20 to pass away from cancer:
You know someone with an eating disorder:
You know someone who cuts:
You have had hair down to your waist:
You have shaved your head:
You have had a mohawk:
You have dyed your hair blue:
You would get your nipples pierced for $100:
You would kiss someone 20 years older than you for $50:
You would drink a bottle of hot sauce for $20:
You have gone to a dance without a date:
You know more than 5 people under 20 with children:
You have considered joining the military:
You are in the military:
You are out of high school:
You have been out of high school for more than 2 years:
You have been out of high school for more than 5 years:
You are an Aries:
You are a Saggittarius:
You are a Pisces:
You were born in the Chinese year of the Ram:
You were born in the Chinese year of the Snake:
You were born in the Chinese year of the Dog:
You can tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue:
You have dated someone who had a child:
You have dated someone of another race:
You have dated someone more than 5 years older t han you:
You have dated someone more than 5 years younger than you:
You have dated a friend's ex:
You have been in a relationship longer than 3 years:
You are currently single:
You are currently engaged:
You kissed someone last New Year's:
You have worked on a Christmas Eve:
You have worked 3rd shift:
You are taller than 5'9":
You are shorter than 5'3":
Your school mascot was an animal:
You are wearing something red:
You have been to the doctor in the past 3 months:
You have cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse:
You have been told you have beautiful eyes:
You burned yourself with a curler/straightner:
You have gotten the urge to cry at a random moment:
You know how to cook pretty well:
You hate having to get up any earlier than noon:
You are a night owl:
You are a morning person:
You have flashed someone:
You have an older brother:
You have a younger sister:
You have a half-sibling:
You have a step-sibling:
You know someone bisexual:
You know someone who's Muslim:
You know someone who because of their beliefs, don't celebrate Halloween:
You know sign language:
You have been to Chicago:
You have been to Las Vegas:
You have been to Miami:
You live in Arkansas:
You live in Texas:
You live in North Dakota:
You have been called a redneck:
You have ridden in a small vehicle with 10+ people crammed into it:
You have been somewhere and had your ride leave without you:
You have accepted a ride home from someone you barely knew:
You were in a relationship at this time 1 year ago:
You were in a relationship 6 months ago:
You were in a relationship 1 month ago:
You have bought helium balloons just to make funny voices with them:
You have gotten a speeding ticket:
You own a t-shirt that supports your favorite band:
You have won free tickets to a concert:
You have won money from scratch-off cards:
You have bought cigarettes when you were underage to:
You use hairspray on a daily basis:
You have argued with someone today:
You believe in love at first sight:
You are a vegan:
You are Wiccan:
You have played with a Ouija board:
You have visited somewhere said to be 'haunted':
You drive a vehicle newer than a 2006:
You own a digital camera:
You have taken photographs of yourself simply because you were bored:
If you could, you would spend a week in the 1920's:
You would rather vacation at a ski resort over a beach house:
You have been on a cruise in the Caribbean:
You are lactose intolerant:
You sunburn easily:
You have freckles:
You have a birthmark:
You have questioned your beliefs:
You have questioned your sexuality:
You are emancipated from your parents:
You live on your own:
You live with a boyfriend/girlfriend:
You live with at least 3 roommates:
Your mom was a teen when she had you:
You are adopted:
You have considered adoption in your future:
You want more than four kids:
You don't want kids:
You have children already:
You model your life after someone you look up to:
You have had a crush on a celebrity:
You still have beanie babies from back when it was all rage:
You don't know how to get rid of them:
You watch a certain tv show religiously:
You know the Lord's Prayer by heart:
You believe in pergatory:
You have been to a Bar Mitzvah:
You didn't pass the first time you took your driving test:
You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on Sept. 11th:
You have had a detention:
You know how to knit:
You can drive a stick shift:
You have broke curfew:
You have graffitied something:
You own an umbrella:
You are dating the last person you kissed:
You have kissed someone in the last 24 hours:
You have kissed more than 3 people in the last year:
Your last missed call was from a relative:
You have driven somewhere today:
You know someone who works at McDonald's:
You are diabetic:
You are hypoglycemic:
You wear glasses/contacts:
You have braces:
You are pregnant:
You are wearing shorts:
You are wearing at least 3 pieces of jewelry at the moment:
You have let someone use you, when you knew they were:
You have done something you really regret:
You have told someone something you really wish you could take back:
You have done something that ruined a friendship:
You have are on non-speaking terms with a relative:
You have taken back an ex:
You have been taken back by an ex:
You have dumped someone and later wondered if it was the right thing:
You have broken someone's heart:
You have had your heart broken:
You have ignored someone who liked you in favor of someone you liked more:
You have accidentally led someone:
You have intentionally led someone on:
You have been led on:
You have been hit on by someone of the same sex:
You prefer to hook up with no strings attached over a relationship:
You have continued to see someone knowing they weren't looking to date:
You have received a love letter:
You have had a secret admirer:
You know someone with the same name as you:
You know someone with the same first & last name as you:
You know someone with the same birthday as you:
You know someone with the same birthday/birth year as you:
You have been told you looked like a certain celebrity:
You are taller than your mom:
You are taller than your dad:
You are a legal adult:
You are currently attending a four-year university:
You are a psychology major:
You are a education major:
You are a business major:
You are a criminal justice major:
You have had a Mr.Lewis as a teacher:
You have had a Mrs.Brown as a teacher:
You know someone with the last name 'Harper':
You know someone named 'Muhammed':
You go to school with a 'Travis':
You work with a 'Heather':
You have dated a 'Gavin':
You have kissed a 'Misty':
You have held hands with a 'Brett':
You have hugged a 'Megan':
You have went out to eat with a 'Wyatt':
You have been to the movies with a 'Stephanie':
You are related to a 'Jason':
You have a sister named 'Breanna':
You have a brother named 'Adam':
You have an aunt named 'Carrie':
You have an uncle named 'Kevin':
You have rode in a car with a 'Rachel':
You have flirted with a 'Brock':
Your favorite season is Winter:
Your favorite color is Green:
Your lucky number is 7:
Your favorite animal is a Panda Bear:
You saw your favorite movie in theaters:
You have been to a concert of of your favorite band:
You have a cold at the moment:
You live north of Phoenix, AZ:
You live south of Detroit, MI:
You live west of St. Louis, MO:
You live east of Denver, CO:
You have visited all 50 states:
You have visited all 48 contiguous states:
You have walked around town after midnight:
You have been stuck on a ferris wheel when it started storming:
You have seen a tornado:
You have been in a hurricane:
You have thrown up in a restaurant:
You have passed out in a public place:
You couldn't live without your caffeine:
You have been to the emergency room more than 5 times:
You have slept more than 24 hours in one sleep session:
You have received a compliment today:
You have given someone a false phone number so they couldn't call you:
You have introduced yourself with a name other than your own:
You have given out someone else's phone number than your own:
You have convinced someone you had a twin:
You have convinced someone you had a sibling that didn't really exist:
You have taken someone's virginity:
You have gotten in the car and drove off with no destination in mind:
You have taken the long way home just so you could jam out to some tunes:
You have thought of taking up a hippie-care-free lifestyle:
You have seriously considered legally changing your name:
You have walked around in your underwear when no one was home:
You have gambled online:
You have fallen for someone you told yourself you wouldn't fall for:
You have smoked a whole pack of cigarettes in a matter of hours:
You have drank so much you blacked out:
You have been bit by a snake:
You have been bit by a dog:
You wish at 11:11:
You have found a four leaf clover:
You pick up pennies for good luck:
You don't really believe in luck:
You have remained good friends with an ex:
You have been a flower girl/ring bearer in a wedding:
You have been a best man/ maid of honor in a wedding:
You have been to a funeral this year:
You have been to a baby shower this year:
You have been to a bachelor/bachelorette party this year:
You have been to a 21st birthday party this year:
You have been to a graduation party this year:
You have been to a going away party this year:
You have been to an anniversary party this year:
You love the smell of fresh-cut grass:
You have seen a sunset and then stayed awake to see the following sunrise:
You have borrowed someone's coat/sweatshirt and never gave it back:
You have used an excuse (cold, scared, etc.) to get to cuddle with someone:
You have died in a dream:
You have gotten a call from someone and wondered how they got your number:
You have laughed out loud at something you were thinking of:
You have gotten lost and ended up in at a completely different destination:
You have ran out of gas before:
You have done something just because you knew you weren't supposed to:
You have been grounded for longer than a month:
You receive an allowance:
You have babysat more than one child under 10 at a time:
You have called in sick to work because you were hungover:
You have stared at the dots on your ceiling and saw pictures in them:
You have stayed more than 3 days in the hospital:
You have pretended to be something you weren't for someone else:
You have danced in front of the mirror in private:
You have dialed a wrong number and it turned out to be someone you knew:
You have been to the Atlantic ocean:
You have told someone you were fine when you really weren't:
You have copied someone else's homework:
You have read an entire book in one sitting:
You have spent more than $100 on a pair of jeans:
You have taken gymnastics:
You have taken a karate class:
You have taken a yoga class:
You have written something on a dollar bill:
You have eaten peanut butter right out of the jar:
You have drank milk straight from the carton:
You have tried roasting marshmallows using a candle flame:
You feel like you have no life because you completed this: