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About This Survey

Author: nadine07
Created: June 23, 2009
Taken: 798 times
Rated: PG

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3 Boys + 3 Girls

Created by nadine07 and taken 798 times on Bzoink
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Using Your Top Friends...
List Your Top 3 Girls + List Your Top 3 Boys
Don't Change Your Top Friends, Be Honest
Your #1 Girl
What is her full name:
Is she single or taken:
Where does she live:
Have you met her parents:
Where were the last three places you went together:
How long has it been since you saw her last:
Did you go to grade school together:
Is she related to you:
Have you ever seen her cry:
What would you say if you found out she was pregnant:
Your #2 Girl
What is her middle name:
Is she older than you:
How long have you know her:
Did you go to high school together:
Are you dating her:
Can she play any instruments:
Have you ever been roommates:
What was your biggest fight about:
Is she straight, bisexual, or a lesbian:
Does she have a crush on anyone:
Your #3 Girl
How did you meet her:
Does she have any children:
Are you taller than her:
Has she ever dated one of your relatives:
When was the last time you rode in a car with her:
Have you ever spent the night at her house:
Have you ever kissed:
Does she have a pet:
Does she live on her own:
Where does she work:
Your #1 Boy
Are you dating him:
Is he related to you:
Have you ever kissed:
When did you last see him:
Is he in the military:
Is he over 18:
Did you know him 10 years ago:
Has he ever been arrested:
Have you ever worn any of his clothes:
What is something you will never forget about him:
Your #2 Boy
What is his last name:
Do you have his phone number:
Has he ever dated one of your friends:
Does he have a job:
Do you go to school with him:
Is he older than you:
What kind of vehicle does he drive:
What is your first memory of him:
Would he be at your wedding:
What would you do if you found out tomorrow he was engaged:
Your #3 Boy
What was your first impression of him:
Have you ever been to his house:
Do you have an inside joke with him:
Have you ever gone to the movies together:
What do you think of his ex:
If you died, would he come to your funeral:
Does he play any sports:
Has he ever had a crush on you:
Does he ever pick on you:
Where do you see him in 5 years:
About All of Them
Who have you known the longest:
Who have you known the shortest:
Which of them called you most recently:
Which of them did you last go to the movies with:
Which of them are under 21:
Which of them are taller than you:
Which of them has a birthday closest to yours:
Which of them lives closest to you:
Are any of them Catholic:
Are any of them Jewish:
Are any of them Agnostic:
Are any of them left-handed:
Are any of them blonde:
Which of them have blue eyes:
Do any of them have children:
Are any of them engaged:
Which of them are single:
Which of them has the most tattoos:
Which of them has the most piercings:
Do any of them live more than an hour away from you:
Which of them do you go to school with:
Which of them are relatives:
Do any of them drive a truck:
Are any of them an only child:
Which of them has the most siblings:
Which of them knows you the best:
Which of them would be most likely to repost this: