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Author: fuchs7uno
Created: June 24, 2009
Taken: 218 times
Rated: PG

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Black Rimmed Glasses

Created by fuchs7uno and taken 218 times on Bzoink
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What do you usually get somone for their birthday?
Is your backpack fat?
Where do you put your jewelry?
Do you have Rednecks in your family?
What is your favorite type of shoe?
Does your house have a chimney? Do you use it?
Ever made smores over a real fire?
Has anyone hurt you more than you can imagine?
Did you deserve it?
What is your favorite hairstyle on yourself?
Do you own a rediculous amount of jewelry?
Do you remember your kindergarten teacher?
What is your favorite color towel?
Do you have a relative that you admire and look upto?
Does texting get awkward with one word answers?
When you see someone you don't know getting picked on, do you do anything?
What was your favorite summer camp you went to?
Is there a rite-aid in your town?
Do you have a role model? Who?
Do you cry a lot? Why?
What color is your house?
Who picked it?
What is the most comfortable place in your house?
Have you ever pushed someone away because you were scared to get hurt?
What is your favorite flavor of gum?
Does your bestfriend always have your back?
Do you have theirs?
Is your sidewalk cracked?
Do you ever feel alone?
Do you get offended when people swear?
Does your car smell wierd?
Do you think teenage relationships are going to last?
Are baths disgusting?
Do you have sweets left over from any holidays?
Do you drop your phone a lot?
Whats your opinion on Harry Potter?
What do you get most complimented on?
Do you like more bold bright colors or more pastel colors?
Do you know how to apply make-up to yourself and/or others?
Are you embarassed to wear shorts?
What is the ghettoest name you know?
Do you like having people at your house?
Who is the most crazy and hyper person you know?
Are you one of those people who adds random people?
Are you healthy?
Do you think your family loves you?
Later on in life, do you want children?