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Author: nerdishh
Created: June 25, 2009
Taken: 59 times
Rated: PG

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I'm Back For A Bit With The Same Old S**t :]

Created by nerdishh and taken 59 times on Bzoink
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&&&&&& no one remembers me - yay! :D
Do you copy other people's surveys or find your own?
Have you ever moved? Where?
Which state would you live in if you had to move?
How late do you wait to do your laundry?
Have you ever won on one of those drop-claw games?
What is the worst (nutritionally) thing you've ever eaten?
What is your favorite carnival food?
In elementary school, did you bring lunch or buy it?
Are you hungry?
Do you like high-waisted or low-waisted skirts better?
When do you usually go to bed during a school night?
Durring the summer?
Where does your family live?
How many pages was the biggest book you've read?
Why are some people afraid of rollar coasters?
Why do you think cats have such a bad stereotype?
Do you like to read biographies? Why or why not?
How much does the media (fashion, celebrities, etc) affect your life?
Is Starbucks *really* that great?
What are/did you do for your Sweet Sixteen?
What is your opinion on 'Sweet Eighteen's?
What is the time - backwards?
What is one childhood item that you could not possibly let go?
Do you think you were a cute baby?
Who is your favorite news anchor?
Guess - what percent of Americans fear going to the dentist?
Do you like knowing random facts that you don't need to know?
What is your opinion on toes?
What languages do you want to learn?
What country is going to be the next superpower?
Should America interfere in the Iranian vote? Why/ Why not?
Would you give a finger to save your mother's life?
Where do you think leprechauns hide?
What is the opposite of a Myspace Whore?
Where were you when you learned that Michael Jackson died?
Are you embarassed when you walk into a game store?
What percent Italian are you?
Have you ever woken up with a headache?
What was your favorite math class in High School?
What were the initials of your High School?
Would you like to learn how to knit?
How many dreams have you had about teachers?
Do you remember dreams you had as a child?
Could you choose between living with your mother or father?
Do you think cows are smart or dumb?
Will you see the new Alice in Wonderland or stick with the cartoon?
Which Disney movie scared you the most as a kid?
How much memory do you have on your iPod/Mp3 player?
Why do commercials like to say their product is from Europe?
If your dream job required you to serve in the army for a year, would you?
Answer: It's actually 80% of Americans, including me! o: