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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: June 28, 2009
Taken: 66 times
Rated: G

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Just Around The Corner ... There's Heartache...

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 66 times on Bzoink
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you've got lips and I've got lips now lets get together and use those lips
times, a wastin'
describe your favourite photograph
what's your claim to fame
still have a favourite childhood toy
when was the last time you were in trouble with your mum
what do you respect most in a guy/girl
are you friends with your ex's
do you believe in astrology
when's the last time you spent a whole day in bed
do you miss anyone
is there anyone you'd die for
what's the worst cd in your collection
what tv show would you love to be on
name on word to describe hollywood
recommend a few bands to see live...
what is your favourite album at the moment
what's the hottest song right now in your opinion
name a song that amps you up
what band are you looking forward to a new album from
who would you rather have as a best friend? mischa barton/reese witherspoon
who is better - gwen steffani or britney spears
if you were a product tester what product would you like to test
do you have pets
have you been overseas
who was your first crush
what band did you see at your first concert
last movie you watched abd how many stars would you rate it
who's the first person you call with good news
how was your last friday night
how was your last saturday night
what's your plans for this weekend
what did you do on your last birthday
last thing you bought
last thing you bought from a vending machine
coolest lyrics at the moment in your opinion
hottest concert you've been to
if you could have 10 things right now, what would they be
if you were a road sign what would you be
if you could shag any celebrity who would it be
favourite band
fav female artist
fav male artist
name on celebrity that's so over
coolest celeb you have ever met
have you kissed a celebrity
fully expenses paid holiday who do u take and where do you go
one thing you might not know about me is that ...
have you ever been in a life threatening situation
one thing that makes you tick
do you dance in public
what's your fav karioke song
three celebs to be presidents who and why...
any piercings
any tattoos
what's the last thing you lost
any new years resolutions
what's would be the best new years party
sunrise or sunset
what are you like in the morning
what's the best sunrise you've ever seen
what's the best sunset you've ever seen
when you hear a dirty word do you laugh
GOLD OR OLD... (gold if you like/ old if you don't)
glitter and sparkles
glow sticks
fresh fruit
Bills in the mail
having to recharge your mobile
letters in the mail
post it notes
a smile from a stranger
post it notes
stepping in chewy
people who flick their smokes
spilling alcohol down your shirt
new friends
bitchy backstabbing friends
punk boys
do you have msn
do you have yahoo messenger
your myspace top 20... name and why they are in the top friends
name your 5 best friends (female)
name your 5 best friends (male)
are you in a relationship
any plans for your next bday
few final questions...
have things ever gotten so tough you didn't think you would make it through
how is your heart lately
any final comments...