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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: June 30, 2009
Taken: 67 times
Rated: G

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kiss me through the phone, ill see you later on...

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 67 times on Bzoink
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who said I can't be superman!
I say that I know I can!
do you like cupcakes
do you have a singing pen
jager! yummy or not
what's your favourite part of the day
do you like sleeping
favourite cd at the moment/song at the momment
what's the weather like outside
indoors or outdoors person
do you own a throwrug
is there someone who gets on your last nerves
what are the plans for your next birthday
what's the time
do you listen to the radio
what are the plans for tommorow
what are the plans for today
looking forward to anything
do you like the snow
do you like waterfalls
this or that... yeah ?
puppies or kittens
movies or music
female or male singers
fruit or vegetables
boys or girls
hot weather or cold weather
summer or winter
autumn or spring
working the weekend or all week
dance clubs or alternative clubs
burbon or smirnoff
best friend or boyfriend
phone calls or sms
email or msn/yahoo/aim
random - ness >__<
3 essentials you cannot live without
a week without water or without food
do you drive
do you sing in the shower
what's the best part of a gym
do you play any sports
do you have any hobbies
ever lose your keys
name 4 friends starting with the letter D and the letter K
do you smile a lot
any weird fetishes or desires
do you like vampires