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Author: xxdeshayexx
Created: July 1, 2009
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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she cooks a mean grilled cheese? (cell phone survey)

Created by xxdeshayexx and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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do you have a cell phone?
what kind?
do you text often?
or would you rather call?
how many contact do you have?
what does your 8th text say?
how many texts are in your inbox?
how many are in your sent?
do you have a camera phone?
what are the first 3 digits of your number?
who's the first person under "B"?
who do you text the most?
who texts you the most?
who do you call most?
who calls you most?
plan on gettin a new phone anytime soon?
know anyone who has the same phone as you?
ever bought a phone off ebay?
do you drop your phone a lot?
do you have bluetooth?
do you have a lot of ringtones?
ever get random calls/text from people you dont know?
do you ever talk to em?
does your bestie have a cell phone?
do you text/call them a lot?
does your phone have internet?
do you check your myspace/facebook/twitter on it?