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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: July 3, 2009
Taken: 108 times
Rated: G

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it used to be the reason I breathed but now its choking me up...

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 108 times on Bzoink
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would you eat a raw fish eye for $2000
what's better laguna beach or the hills
what's the last movie you watched
are you tired at all
did you work today
ever been stuck on a highway
what's your favourite chocolate
do you dance
do you sing
what's your thoughts on twilight
do you surf
ever worn a tiara in public
do you own a fern or palm tree
do you like sales
pushed a friend in a trolley lately
do you curl or straighten your hair
what's the best part of the day
are you religious
do you like dresses
need a holiday
is there someone you need right now
do you know anyone famous
do you know someone who's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard
are you a big chocolate lover
been to a prom
been to a senior dance
like camping
did/have you graduated
is this year going fast in your opinion
would you rather...
eat a whole raw onion or a raw fish
lose your partner or best friend
wear heels or wedges or flats
watch 24hrs of porn or 24hrs of gory horror movies
die a virgin or die at 40 years of age
speak french or german
shower the rest of your life of bathe the rest of your life
swim in an ocean or a pool
wear a pumpkin suit to a gig or go out in public in a leotard
dance in a crowded mall or kiss a stranger in a crowded mall
drink blended mushrooms or eat dirt
more random-ness
do you like falling in love
do you like someone at the moment
are you single
who is your best friend
want to kiss someone right now
wild child or st. trinians
nom nom nom XD
what's peeves you off
wanna dance in the rain
ever made love in a pool
want a new car babeh
what are you looking forward to
can I wrap you up in bubble wrap and put a bowtie on you
what's the time
what's on your mind