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Author: angielove
Created: July 3, 2009
Taken: 109 times
Rated: G

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Top 4 Myspace

Created by angielove and taken 109 times on Bzoink
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number one's name:
number two's name:
number three's name:
number four's name:
Number One
where did you meet lucky number one?
can this person play an instrument?
are you on their top? if so, what number?
what is their eye color?
are they overweight?
does this person worry you sometimes?
does this person like to drink?
do they wear make-up?
does this person love to read?
has this person ever gotten their hair dyed?
Numer Two
is this person allergic to anything?
do they get on myspace often?
what is their favorite band?
do they have a facebook?
what is their favorite color?
what do they do often?
do you think they have ever stolen anything?
do they like paisley?
does this person like the smell of white out?
who is their best friend(s)?
Number Three
does this person like pirates?
has this person ever been cheated on?
what is their favorite drink?
does this person like to swim?
are they afraid of old people?
what was your first thought about this person?
does this person have a cell phone?
how about an iPod?
does this person like to draw?
do they smell good?
Number Four
is this person a procrastinator?
is this person in a relationship?
do they have any pets?
do they have any siblings?
do they wear make-up often?
what grade are they in?
do you think they are good looking?
do they like candles?
do they always have money with them?
are they creative?