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About This Survey

Author: brit14
Created: July 18, 2009
Taken: 111 times
Rated: PG

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ThE Great3st sUrveY in tH3 history of Surv3ys!

Created by brit14 and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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About yOU!
Time 4 Randomness
What color is your shirt
what time is it where your at
What do you think about Barack Obama
Do you like Cheetahs
Whats on your mind
name the first person that pops up in your mind
Are you Random
Do you like your life?
More randomness
what do you think about your parents (lets be honest)
What do you think about your siblings (be honest)
Do you have any pets
Name your best friends
Do you like your friends
Name the funnest place you have ever been to
whats your favorite food
What do you think of your home town
do you like to eat
whats your favorite drink
Do you like to rollerskate
Would you get on the fastest rollercoaster in the world
do you have a cellphone
If yes what kind
Pick 1 or the other
ice cream or cake
juice or soda
hamburger or french fries
kids or pets
limo or jet
flying or car ride
Rihanna or Chris Brown
T.I. or Usher
Green day or 2 pac
sister or brother
mom or dad
carrots or broccoli
internet or cell phone
horses or pigs
friends or family
jupitor or saturn
day or night
money or love
Broncos or Raiders
basketball or football
sing or dance
hearts or stars
this or that
Do you like these questions
do you like yourself
do you like your b/f or g/f
What do you think about the movie titanic
do you like pepsi
do you like coke
What do you think about the name Jaylin
What about the name Michael
What do you wish your name was
do you like the color pink
What about blue
HAVE you ever took a survey as good as this one
have you ever flew in a plane or jet
Have you ever met a celebrity
have you ever gone horse back riding
have you ever broke a bone
Have you ever stayed on the computer for more that 5 hours
What about on you phone for lnoger than 5 hours
Have you ever drank
Have you ever smoked
Have you ever broken the law
Have you ever threw up on somebody
Have you ever saw a person die
have you ever wanted to commit suicide
Have you ever ran away
Have you ever gotten in a fight
Have you ever won the lotto
have you ever fell down a flight of stairs
have you ever regret something
Have you ever gone out of your continent
have you ever got your parents mad
Have you ever seen your friends naked
Have you ever shot a gun
Have you ever been bitten by a snake
Favorite ice cream
Favorite soda
Favorite food
Favorite juice
Favorite song
Favorite person
Favorite time of day
Favorite survey ( better say this one)