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Author: letsnotgetbusted
Created: July 20, 2009
Taken: 30 times
Rated: G

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I know I'm too fly.

Created by letsnotgetbusted and taken 30 times on Bzoink
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Do you put effort into getting tan during the summer?
Have any summer homework?
Are you a fairly self-motivated person?
What's your favorite book series?
What's your favorite thing to do if you're out on a lake?
Do you take offense when people use the words "gay" or "retarded"?
How often do you get around to cleaning your room?
What type of food do you know how to cook?
Do you make your passwords so tricky to remember that you forget them?
Cautious or reckless driver?
What's a subject you're sick of people debating about?
Are you one to take naps?
What's something you wish they'd build in your neighborhood?
What's your favorite website, excluding social networking sites?
What hair product do you use the most?
Do you usually keep ponytail holders around your wrist?
Sunny D or orange juice?
What's your favorite food to get at a carnival?
Do you actually use e-mail?
Can you snap out of a bad mood fast?
Currently holding any grudges?
What do you order to drink when you go out to eat?
How can a person tell if you're mad or annoyed?
What's your favorite energy drink?
Have you ever ingested caffeine in the name of getting homework done?
Do you have good study habits?
Are you good at coming up with gift ideas for others?
Do you have a pair of jeans with holes in them?
Where's your favorite purse from?
What about your sunglasses?
How is your ego?
Do you keep lint rollers around the house?
What's something you enjoy that's outside your age level?
Is your curfew flexible, if you have one?
Regardless, when is the latest you have come home from a night out?
Do you have a weak stomach?
Where do you like sitting best on a roller coaster?
Are you usually the person comforting, or the person being comforted?
Do you actually use the camera on your phone?
Is there anything you don't mind buying secondhand?
Tennis shoes or flats?
Are you a good planner or do you settle for spontaneity?