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Author: glo-in-the-drk-babe
Created: July 22, 2009
Taken: 28 times
Rated: G

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Sing Me A Sad Song...

Created by glo-in-the-drk-babe and taken 28 times on Bzoink
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Do you (currently, not in the past) sing...
in the shower?
in the car(van, truck, etc.)?
on the school bus?
when listening to your favourite song?
while at a cocnert?
during worship at church (if you go)?
in the middle of the stores?
in karaoke bars?
on stage, in front of people?
badly with your friends for fun?
just because you feel like it?
to the person you love?
with your friends while on a sugar high?
in front of the camera?
in the bathroom (not the shower)?
while in the bathtub?
while swimming?
while biking/blading/running?
to yourself while working?
in your head?
do you sing at all?
Have you ever...
sang on stage?
sang to a friend on their birthday?
sang to an animal?
sang to a stuffed animal?
sang to yourself while walking alone?
started singing in a store and didn't realize you were?
gotten a strange look from a stranger cos you were lip-singing?
broken out into song and dance in walmart with your friends?
What's your favourite song to sing?
What's your ultimate accomplishment in song-memorization?
have you ever been in choir?
have you ever dreamed of being singer in a band?
what's the hardest song you can sing?
what's the first song you can remember learning?
what's your favourite worship song?
what's your favourite song period(whether you can sing it or not)?
can you sing in another language?
(if so) what language(s)?
how much would someone have to pay you to sing the U.S.A. national anthem
(con't.) at a majour-league baseball game?