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Author: laurenpwns
Created: July 22, 2009
Taken: 186 times
Rated: G

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polaroids, im counting all the polaroids of you.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 186 times on Bzoink
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Did you have the urge to slap someone in the face very hard today?
Did today mean anything special to you or anyone else you know?
What is one movie you're wanting to go watch in theaters at the moment?
Do you own anyone money? What did you borrow the money for anyway?
What was the most interesting or colorful birthday cake you've had?
What was the last thing someone bought you? Was it expensive?
Do you think people who cant sing, shouldn't try in the first place?
Do you ever look up to the sky and wonder what's up there?
When was the last time you embarassed yourself in front of someone you like
Is there anyone in your life who asks you really personal questions a lot?
Do people seem to underestimate you because of something in your past?
Do you like surprises or do you like to know everything that's going on?
When was the last time someone kissed you on the cheek? Who was it?
Do you ever go camping with a bunch of friends and tell ghost stories?
What is one decade (if so) you wish you had lived in? Why is this?
What college are you going to or planning on going to in the future?
What is your favorite kind of chocolate out of milk, dark, and white?
Do you know anyone personally who is too pretty to even seem real?
When was the last time you finger-painted? What'd you paint anyway?
Do you have any interesting moles anywhere you dont want people to know of?
Have you ever gotten high or drunk in a really formal place?
Would you consider yourself more of a giver or a reciever in situations?
What was the last party you went to? Did you meet anyone new?
Do you have MySpace? If so, when did you first get your account?
Have you ever made up any long, words all by yourself? Such as..
Do you call yourself names when you do something you said you wouldn't?
When were you last confused with something or someone?
What kind of ice cream did you eat last? Where'd you get it from?
Have you ever told a huge lie, then had someone figure it out?
Are you a skinny person, a fat person, or do you have a few extra pounds?
Have you ever been to a strip club before? Are you even old enough?
Do you have any pet peeves that are odd to any other people?
What is the most use emoticon you'll use in a conversation?
Do you like flowers? What is your favorite kind to recieve?
Has anyone ever considered you to 'wear the pants' in a relationship?
Does your father's job force him to travel all over the place at times?
When was the last time you were out of your home country?
When was the last time someone attempted to cheer you up?
Do people who act like they're misfortunate get on your nerves a lot?
What is one sport you hate playing, but love wathing live/on television?
What did the last piece of cake you had look like? Was it colorful?
Do people tend to do things for you a lot, or do they leave you to do that?
Do you ever write poetry and post it on any certain websites?
Do you ever think you're being cheated on by a significant other?
Have you ever had someone pick on your or bully you at any time in life?