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Author: laurenpwns
Created: July 25, 2009
Taken: 91 times
Rated: G

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there is beauty in the breakdown.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 91 times on Bzoink
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Is there something you said you wouldn't do, but in the end you did it?
Are you originally an American, or are you some other kind of nationality?
Do you sometimes pretend to do things you dont know how to do?
What was the last compliment you remember someone gave to you? Who was it?
Have you ever had one of those pregnancy scares? When did this take place?
Are you someone who puts ranch dressing on everything you eat?
Have you ever personally been friends with a stripper or prostitute?
What kind of ipod or mp3 player do you own at this moment in time?
What, to you, is the best way a guy can smell? Give examples?
Does it seem to bother you when someone doesn't reply to your messages?
How many times a day, on average, do you think critically about something?
Are you someone who speaks their mind, or do you hold it all in?
Is anyone who lives with you at the moment, really loud and annoying?
Name at least one interesting fact almost no one knows about you?
Where do you work at this moment in time? Does this place have insurance?
If you have tattoo's, which one that you have was the most painful?
Who is someone on television at the moment that you feel sorry for?
Are you currently in the process of 'bettering' yourself as a person?
What is something you tend to not be able to stand in the least bit at all?
Are there any foods out there that can make you puke, just by seeing it?
Does it make you angry when people complain an excessive amount around you?
Do you like watching people fight or do you stay out of the way of things?
Do you encourage people or do you tend to put them down for things?
What would you consider your favorite pattern? (zebra print, floral, etc.)
At what age did you actually hit puberty? Was it hard for you to handle?
Do you tend to make the people are you angry or are you very subtle?
Are you considered a graceful person or are you more clumsy?
Do you fall up the stairs more than you actually tend to fall down them?
Have you ever sucked on helium? Did your voice change at all?
Do you know any girls who have an overly manly voice and features?
Are you normally someone who tries to grab everyone else's attention?
Have you ever actually met and talked to someone who's famous?
When was the last time you got a parking ticket for anything at all?
What color are your bed sheets and when did you buy them?
Does it bother you when a lot of people try to fit in to a spall space?
Do you play any sports? If so, did you meet new friends that way?
Where are you planning on going to college if you're planning on going?
Do people ever make fun of you for something you really cant help?
If you definitely had to, what would you label yourself, and why?
Do you have any pets who will bite anyone else out there, besides you?
Have you ever tried chocolate chip waffles? Are they now your favorite?
What company are you signed up for car insurance, if any at all?
Are you someone who really likes to cook? What's your favorite meal?
Do you own any scarves? How many and what colors are all of them?
As a kid, did you ever go to camp? Which one did you go to anyway?