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Author: laurenpwns
Created: July 25, 2009
Taken: 130 times
Rated: G

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rain is pouring down on the sidewalk.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 130 times on Bzoink
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Do you speak any other languages other than English fluently, or not?
What do you think, at the moment, is the best song out there?
Are you one of those people out there who dont know when to say 'when.'
What are some lyrics out there that are really inspiring to you?
When was the last time you played a really childish game, and with who?
Are you an alcoholic or do you really not understand why people drink?
Do you have to smell your food before you actually eat it? Why is this?
Have you ever been addicted to something? What was your addiction?
When was the last time you found yourself doing something ridiculous?
Who is your second cousin? Do you have a close relationship with them?
What was the last scary movie you watched? Did you watch it with anyone?
When was the last time you played a video game, if you play those at all?
What would you consider your favorite letter in the whole alphabet?
Have you ever flown a kite? How long ago did you actually fly it?
Do you know anyone who is just regularly a complete pervert or freak?
Have you ever had an actual/real premonition? Did it come true?
What would you consider your favorite feature about yourself?
Do you work out on a regular basis? What are your favorite work-outs?
Does your father have a job that requires him being gone from home a lot?
What is the name of the last band you listened to? Are they good?
Have you ever been in a band before? Are you still in that band?
Are you someone who tries to find the good in everyone rather than the bad?
Are you a really ditsy person, or are you really calm and deep-thinking?
Have you ever considered yourself a complete 'bitch' or 'douchebag' before?
Have you ever been genuinely mean to someone before? Do you feel bad now?
When was the last time you had an illness? What was this illness anyway?
Have you ever been to New Orleans before? What did you think about it?
What do you consider the most useless state out there? Why is this?
Is there anyone out there you were literally told not to trust?
Do you hear anything odd at this moment in time? Did you check it out?
Do you regularly wish on 11:11, or do you find that kind of useless?
When was the last time you babysitted someone? Was it a bad experiance?
How many times a month, on average, do you eat pizza, if any?
Have you made any oaths, you've actually kept, at least, so far?
Do you pretend to be anything you're not? In other words, are you fake?
Have you ever been kicked out of somewhere you never thought you would?
What is the worst thing you've done in a movie theater? Why did you do it?
Does the last person you kissed have any siblings? Do you like them?
When was the last time you ate a piece of pork? Was it any good?
Are you still afraid of the Swine Flu? Because it's still not dying down.
Have you ever dated someone only because you felt sorry for them?
When was the last time you took a survey? Was it a fun survey?
Do you have any friends who would put up with your changing moods?
What are some songs you think are getting old at the moment?
Do you personally like any commercials that are out there right now?