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Author: cheddarsox
Created: July 26, 2009
Taken: 161 times
Rated: G

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Seasoned with indifference, peppered with a lie

Created by cheddarsox and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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do you have a favorite bowl to eat your cereal out of? Describe it.
What is something silly you've kept for sentimental reasons?
If you are sitting on the porch and see an ant, do you squash it?
which electric appliance do you use most, battery operated included?
favorite veggie as a kid, favorite now?
something you wouldn't order on a date, because you'd be embarrassed
lyrics of a song you like, though you don't know what they mean
would you rather be a passenger, or the driver?
a toy you had as a kid, you'd definitely want your kid/s to have
something that still seems sort of magical to you, though you know it's not
an interesting food combination you "invented"
most comfortable piece of furniture to hang out on, at home or not
where would you cast the ashes of your fave teacher
last thing you bought that turned out to be a waste of money
have you ever said, and meant, TMI to your best friend?
ultimate home made smoothie?
Do you check the zodiacal compatibility of friends, etc?
what "catch phrase" do you wish you could stop using?
When was the last time you stepped in dog doo doo?
Do you hate the soap in public restrooms?
do you use a wall or desk calendar, or just your phone/computer?
Do you have a good luck charm, item, etc? what is it
do you follow the washing instructions on clothing labels?
Favorite food out of a can
coolest name you've even heard for a pet
when you have a crush, do you flirt or are you too shy and avoid them?
do you really think bugs are disgusting, or say so because of others
what do you wash first in the shower or bath?
What X-mas lawn decoration is your fave?
socks on or off in bed?
are the windows where you live hard to open?
Nobody cooks ________ like grandma!
A word you use in place of a curse word in certain situations
last place on your body you got a bruise
have you ever bought clothes for someone else? who, why
do you even own a book version dictionary?
name a relative you laugh the most with. (with, not AT)
favorite type of chip
what color is your favorite towel (you know you have one)
"As seen on TV" item you own, or would like to own
last CD you burned
Do you believe in Angels...even a little?
do you use real bookmarks or impromptu ones
favorite pop tart variety, or invent a new one
favorite position to read a book in