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Author: ooocoraxxx
Created: July 26, 2009
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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spring hatin on me cause i aint never sprung .

Created by ooocoraxxx and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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What is forever?
Have you read any good books this summer ?
On a scale of 1-10 how content are you with your life right now?
What do you think
Would you be okay if you were sober for a month ?
Do you know why your parents named you what they named you?
Do like twitter,myspace,or bzoink the best?
Do you like too set things on fire?
Whats the last song you heard?
Do you listen too the radio ?
Dont you hate when people are constantly gossiping?
If you were too have a baby girl right now, what would you name her?
If you were to have a baby boy right now, what would you name him?
Did you pay any attention 2 Michael Jackson when he was actually breathing?
Whats on your mind?
Does anyone call you baby?
Have you ever wore a bandana?
Would you get in trouble if a rent raided your room right now?
Have you ever been on a date, but was thinking about someone else?
How do you feel about the world in general right now?
If you were presedent, what would be the 1rst thing you would wana change?
Have you ever had too get stitches?, why?
Do you have a big bed or a small bed?