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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: July 27, 2009
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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take my hand... follow me... its our destiny!

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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sway baby sway baby ohhhh!
ever wondered what the afterlife is like and whether it exists
ever wanted to tell someone how you felt but held it back
seriously, do you like cold weather
do you swim during the summer
do you stand at the front of the stage at a concert or gig
who is your favourite band at the moment
what's the time
is there anything near you coloured yellow
do you like to sleep in
anything you're looking forward to
last time you swore
do you like guns n roses
oh my god do you see that pink elephant
this or that band/artist
lady gaga or madonna
metro station or short stack
slayer or lamb of god
funeral for a friend or hawthorne heights
mariyln manson or afi
the used or aiden
rise against or green day
alexisonfire or the subways
the bloodhound gang or saves the day
say anything or new found glory
hatebreed or killswitch engage
bullet for my valentine or nofx
blink 182 or +44
paramore or taking back sunday
yellowcard or no doubt
gwen steffani or hayley williams
mest or good charlotte
kisschasy or the all american rejects
cobra starship or the academy is
forever the sickest kids or madina lake
mxpx or tumbledown
mxpx or nofx
mest or nofx
mest or mxpx
3OH!3 or allister
alkaline trio or angels and airwaves
bowling for soup or brand new
bring me the horizon or atreyu
enter sharikia or escape the fate
evermore or faker
fallout boy or goober patrol
finch or goodnight nurse
frenzal rhomb or guttermouth
from first to last or gym class heroes
guns n roses or motley crue
poison or boston
hey monday or lagwagon
less than jake or linkin park
lily allen or britney spears
lustra or matchbook romance
MGMT or Mindless self indulgence
michelle branch or mandy moore
miranda cosgrove or drake bell
muse or panic at the disco
pink or rihanna
rancid or rufio
screeching weasel or simple plan
slick shoes or story of the year
the matches or sugarcult
the starting line or the vandals
underoath or the red jumpsuit apparatus
do you like these dance songs or not...
breathe - kas james feat. stu stone
where's your head at - jean elan
faces of meth - nick coleman
licky - larry tee feat. princess superstar
everybodys free - global deejays
dynamite love - freestylers vs. dynamite MC
zombie - andrew spencer and the vamprockerz
my people - the presets
11H30 - danger
we are the people - empire of the sun
riverside - sidney samson
bounce - mstrkrft
stereo flow - dada, obernik, harris
the fear - lily allen
one 2.3 four - martin solveig
jai ho - slumdogz
more random - ness
what movie do you enjoy watching over and over again
do you use an umbrella if it rains
your thoughts on hoodies
raincoats - yay or nay
anything you wanna see in the theatres
a new album you can't wait for
any concerts you need tickets for
do you like housework
do you like gardening
do you have any pets
have you ever pushed someone down a flight of stairs
do you want to
is there anyone who deserves a good fucking punch in the face
what happened last friday
what happened last saturday
anything happening this weekend
do you miss anyone
who is on your mind
what's your fav drink
where's the best place to go to have a good time
any overseas places you want to visit
would you take anyone
so... michael jackson passed... your thoughts
have you ever wanted to be a superhero or villian
if you could tour with a famous band right now, who would it be
do you think brett michaels is yummy
fav tv show
fav actress
fav actor
fav song at the moment
want to be a rockstar?
im a rockstar !!
what's the best theme park you've been to
do you like the beach
if you could hug one person at the moment who would it be
want to kiss someome
who out of your friends amazes you
who is the most random
who is the sexiest
who do you want to get to know more
who is the cutest
who is the funniest
who is the most alco
who is the most cuddliest
do you want to dance right now
are you thristy haha
who's on your mind now
what's the time now
do you like vitamin water
do you like flowers
do you like someone
what's their name
do they know
do they like you
do they make you happy
do you have a special place
do you have a favourite scent
what's your favourite food
what's your favourite colour
throw some lyrics down...
how important is that person to you
have they helped you through bad times
would you take a bullet for them
are they amazing
rit reooooow
do you like hairclips
straight or curly hair
is life hard at the moment
relationship status
do you want to be that way
why/why not
interested in anyone
have you cried in the last week
why/what happened
chin up baby :)
just dancee, dance, danceeeee
what's the time now