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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: July 30, 2009
Taken: 97 times
Rated: G

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you know its too little too late ...

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 97 times on Bzoink
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whoomp there it is!!
do you like family guy
what are your thoughts on american dad
do you like cupcakes
who is your favourite simpsons character
do you want to have children or do you already
ever auditioned for a television show
do you like hiking
is there anyone you'd take a bullet for
do you like boat cruises
do you like sex
would you survive a night in the wild
know any kung-fu moves
do you have a #1
name three top friends
do you work
what do you do for fun
your thoughts on that 70s show
polka dots - hot or not
what kind of car do you want
do you remember mr. squiggle
what about hi-5 or the tweenies
what sports are you into
do you have a special place
share us a secret....
take it slow, before we lose control.
do you use msn, yahoo or aim
do you have a twitter
any tattoos