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Author: xflirtykaosx
Created: August 1, 2009
Taken: 261 times
Rated: G

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~ Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right (Ultimate This or That) ~

Created by xflirtykaosx and taken 261 times on Bzoink
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?? Accents ??
Spanish or Italian?
Italian or French?
French or German?
German or Dutch?
British or American?
English or Welsh?
Irish or Scottish?
Texan or Californiam?
New Work or Hawaiian?
Hawaiian or Jamaican?
? Animals ??
Horse or Donkey?
Sheep or Cow?
Ox or Bull?
Cat or Dog?
Mouse or Rat?
Snake or Stick Insect?
Frog or Toad?
Cat or Mouse?
Goldfish or Starfish?
Pig or Sheep?
Chicken or Rooster?
Meercat or Warthog?
Llama or Lion?
Cheetah or Aligator?
Whale or Shark?
Dolphin or Monkey?
Peacock or Flamingo?
?? Aromas and Smells ??
Lavender or Lime?
Rose or Mint?
Paint or Dust?
Thyme or Seaweed?
Orange or Strawberry?
Mango or Peach?
Chocolate or Apple?
Vanilla or Cherry?
Diesel or Petrol?
Whiskey or Vodka?
Chanel or Charlie?
Earts or Poos?
Sweat or Blood?
Melon or Watermelon?
?? American States and Places ??
Arizona or Oklahoma?
Mississippi or Michigan?
California or Massachausettes?
Miami or Vancouver?
Washington or Detroit?
Dallas or Texas?
Florida or Louisiana?
Indiana or Illinois?
Kansas or Kentucky?
Michigan or New Mexico?
New South Wales or New Orleans?
Pennsylvania or Rhode Island?
St Louis or New Hampshire?
New York City or Los Angeles?
Las Vegas or Chicago?
?? Bands ??
New Found Glory or The Cure?
Alice in Chains or System of a Down?
AllStars or Abba?
The Beatles or The Beach Boys?
Backstreet Boys or Boyzone?
The Cranberries or The Corrs?
Counting Crows or Cradle of Filth?
Chicago or Chumbawamba?
D12 or The Distillers?
Hoobastank or H.I.M?
Incubus or Jonas Brothers?
Kaiser Chiefs or Kill Hannah?
Lords of Acid or Lithium?
Maroon 5 or The Monkees?
New Order or Outkast?
The Prodigy or Panic! At The Disco?
Queen or Queens of the Damned?
Scissor Sisters or Sugababes?
UB40 or The Undertones?
White Stripes or Wet Wet Wet?
Atomic Kitten or A1?
Blue or Westlife?
?? Books and Reading ??
The Catcher in the Rye or One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?
Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice?
The Cantembury Tales or 1984?
Great Expectations or Taming of the Shrew?
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone or Twilight?
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban or Eclipse?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or New Moon?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or Breaking Dawn?
Lord of The Rings or His Dark Materials?
Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth?
Twelve Night or Much Ado About Nothing?
A Midsummer Nights Dream or The Merchant of Venice?
Hamlet or Othello?
The Hungry Caterpillar or Green Eggs and Ham?
Angelas Ashes or Billy Elliot?
It or Wasted?
Alice in Wonderland or Alice Through The Looking Glass?
?? Boys Names ??
Baron or Abdul?
Adam or Aedan?
Aidan or Akash?
Alan or Albert?
Andrew or Antony?
Anthony or Andi?
Barry or Barney?
Ben or Benjamin?
Beppe or Berny?
Blaine or Blake?
Callum or Cameron?
Charles or Charlie?
Collin or Comor?
Danien or Damon?
Daniel or Darren?
David or Dawson?
Decland or Devin?
Dominic or Donovan?
Eamon or Edward?
Evan or Fablo?
Gavin or Gary?
Gregory or Graham?
Gus or Gullivan?
Harry or Henry?
Herbert or Hughe?
Jack or Jag?
James or Jamie?
Jason or Jay?
Joel or John?
Jim or Justin?
Karl or Kel?
Kieran or Korey?
Lesley or Liam?
Malcolm or Mark?
Matthew or Max?
Neil or Norman?
Oliver or Oden?
Patrick or Paul?
Richard or Riley?
Riddian or Robert?
Ross or Russ?
Samuel or Sean?
Tom or Troy?
William or Wilber?
Xavier or Zach?
?? Characters ??
Popeye or Thomas the Tank?
Superman or Batman?
Joker or Catwoman?
James Bond or Austin Powers?
The Powerpuff Girls or Charlies Angels?
Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson?
Stewie Griffin or Dennis The Menace?
Dennis The Menace or Rotten Ralph?
Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Alex Mac?
Kenan or Kel?
Green Giant or Mr Yuk?
Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?
Golem or Smeagle?
Ant or Dec?
Blue or Kevin?
Chipnunks or Chipindales?
Cookie Monster or Sugar Puff Monster?
Ben or Jerry?
Sylvester or Tweety Pie?
Dastardly or Mutly?
Monster Blood or Say Cheese Camera?
The Haunted Mask or Slappy?
Candyman or Ereddy Kraugar?
Jason Mraz or Bloody Mary?
Lex Luthor or Dr. Evil?
Mini Me or The Hobbits?
The Fragles or The Wombles?
Pikachu or Team Rocket?
Brian Griffin or Santas Little Helper?
?? Classes in School ??
English or Math?
Science or Art?
Biology or Chemistry?
Physics or PE?
RE or Design and Technology?
English Lit or English Lang?
French or German?
Foreign Language or Own Language?
Geography or History?
ICT or Study Skills?
Algebra or Geometry?
Human Biology or Chemical Reactions?
Cities of The World or Wars Of The Past?
Lunch or Lessons?
?? Colours ??
Black or White?
Blue or Green?
Red or Orange?
Yellow or Gray?
Purple or Pink?
Pink, Red or White?
Light Blue, Blue or Navy Blue?
Dark Green or Light Pink?
Medium Orange or Light Yellow?
Dark Brown or Light Red?
Light Purple or Dark Blue?
Lilac or Violet?
Indigo or Beige?
Maroon or Midnight Blue?
Forest Green or Hot Pink?
Black, Red and Gray or Blue, Purple and Pink?
Black and a light colour or White and a Dark Colour?
?? Dilemmas ??
Date Someone Blind or Deaf?
Date Someone Without A Sense Of Humour or A Sense Of Reality?
Stay At Home Mum or Working Mum?
Stay With A Partner Emotionally Abusive For Kids Sake or Leave Them?
Give Your Last Bit Of Money To Charity or Buy Your Lunch?
Attend A Sport Event You Love or A Mutual Friends Wedding?
Miss Someones Birthday or Buy Them Nothing At Christmas?
Dog Eat Dog or Look After Your Own?
Be Stuck The Same Age Forever or Age Double The Normal Speed?
Immortality or Ability To Heal Others?
Have 2 Son or Daughter and 3 Grandkids or 1 Kid, 5 Grankids?
Change Sex or Change Age?
Become Your Mum For A Day or Your Pet For A Day?
Not Drink For a Day or Not Eat for 3 Days?
Never Allowed To Wear Makeup Again or Have To Wear Makeup Always in Public?
Eat Only Fruit For A Week or Only Vegetables?
?? Food and Drink ??
Rice or Noodles?
Cheese or Ham?
Muffins or Cakes?
Onions or Peppers?
Brown Bread or White Bread?
Cheesy Chips or Plain Chips?
Italian Cuisine or Spanish Tapas?
Yogurt or Ice Cream?
Cookies or Strawberries?
Sushi or Olives?
Tuna or Salmon?
Apple or Banana?
Orange or Pear?
Peach or Mango?
Strawberry or Blackberry?
Kiwi or Lemon?
Spinach or Broccolli?
Cabbage or Swede?
French or English Mustard?
Spicy or Bland Salsa?
Mints after Dinner or Cup of Coffee or Tea?
Coke or Diet Coke?
Mountain Dew or Fanta?
Tizer or Dr. Pepper?
Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice or Cranberry Juice?
Archers, Whiskey, Vodka or Brandy?
Wine or Beer?
Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Tea?
Water From Tap or Bottled Water?
Mug or a Cup?
Milk or Cream?
Sugar or No Sugar in Tea or Coffee?
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