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Author: kayluhhxkutthroat
Created: August 3, 2009
Taken: 225 times
Rated: PG

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I'll Take This Piece of You; And Hope For all Eternity (longest ever)

Created by kayluhhxkutthroat and taken 225 times on Bzoink
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What is your first name
What is your middle name
What is your last initial
Have you ever forgotten how to spell your name
Do you like your first name
Do you like your last name
Do you like your middle name
Do you like your name in general
If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
If you could change your middle name?
Were you named after anyone
Does your name mean anything
Did you have trouble learning to spell your name
Do people misspell your name a lot
What's your favorite girls name
What's your favorite boy name
What's your favorite name for a pet
Do others make fun of you for your name
Do you have any nicknames
How tall are you
Do you like it
Are you made fun of for your height
What is your body type
Are you happy with it
Do others make fun of you for it
What color is your hair
Do you like it
Is it natural
Do you dye your hair a lot
Do you wear glasses
Do you wear contacts
What style is your hair in
What color are your eyes
Do they ever change color
Are you happy with your eye color
Do you have thick or think eyebrows
Do you have long or short nails
Do you paint your nails
Do you wear a lot of makeup
Do you have a lot of acne
Do you have a beard
How would you describe the shape of your face
Do you paint your toenails
Do you always have bags under your eyes
Are your eyes big or small
What part of your body are you most comfortable with
Which part are you most uncomfortable with
Are you confident in yourself
Do you get judged on your appearance
Do you judge others on their appearance
Do you wish you looked different
If you could look like anyone else, who could it be
Do you get a lot of compliments on your looks
Do you get a lot of insults on your looks
Do you make fun of people who are overweight
Do you make fun of people who look different
Do you get jealous of others who look better than you
Do you feel uncomfortable without makeup
Do you like looking natural
Do you think mullets look good on people
How about mohawks
Do you know what liberty spikes are
How important is appearance in your life
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning
What is your favorite color
Why is it your favorite
Can you define the word color
What is your least favorite color
Why is it your least favorite
Do you believe that a color can be ugly
What is your favorite bright color
What is your favorite dark color
Do you like drab things or colorful things
Do you like things black and white or in color
If you could paint the sky any color, what color would it be
Do you like the flying purple people eater
What color represents your sadness
What color represents your happiness
What color do you wear the most
What color do you wear the least
Can you define the word music
What does music mean to you
How often do you listen to music
Do you believe that certain songs can cheer you up
Do you believe that certain songs can make you sad
What song makes you cry
What song makes you laugh
What songs brings back the most memories
What song makes you smile
What song makes you depressed
If you could have a theme song, what would it be
What is your favorite song
Why is it your favorite
What is your favorite set of lyrics
Why are they your favorite
What is your favorite cd
What is your favorite soundtrack
What is your favorite musical
Who is your favorite solo artist
Who is your favorite pop singer
Who is your favorite jazz singer
Who is your favorite country singer
Who is your favorite reggae artst
Who is your favorite rock band
Who is your favorite screamo band
Who is your favorite emo band
Who is your favorite classical composer
Who is your favorite classic rock band
Who is your favorite alternative band
Who is your favorite indie group
What is your favorite music video
Why is it your favorite
What song annoys you the most
What song do you hate the most
What music video do you hate the most
What genre of music do you hate the most
What cd do you hate the most
What pop singer do you hate the most
What country singer do you hate the most
What rock band do you hate the most
What screamo band do you hate the most
What CD do you hate the most
Have you ever been to a concert
If so, who did you see
Have you ever been to Warped tour
Do you own an mp3 player
Do you own an ipod
Do you illegally download music
Do you use limewire to download music
If you had a band, what would you call it
If you wrote a song, what would you call it
If you made a cd, what would you call it
Who do you think has the best raul voice
Who performs the best live
Who performs the worst live
What is the best hook up song
What is the best break up song
What is the best friendship song
What song do you want played at your wedding
What song do you want played at your funeral
Can you play any instruments
What instrument do you think is the best
What song makes you fall asleep
What song calms you down when you're nervous
If your life was on a soundtrack, what would you call it
Do you appreciate all kinds of music
Your Favorites:
Day of the week
Time of day
Sport to play
Sport to watch
High School
School Subject
Body part
Alcoholic Drink
Non-Alcoholic drink
Fast Food
Video game
Video game character
Word to scream
Word to whisper
Place to be alone
Dating website
Sexual position
Instant messenger
Email Client
Tv show
Tv couple
Animated movie
Comedy film
Drama film
Horror film
Thriller film
Romantic comedy
Movie couple
short story
movie hero
movie villlan
comic book
reality tv show
tv channel
music genre
film genre
childhood memory
cell phone
cell phone company
food store
clothing store
disney movie
male tv character
female tv character
game show
board game
tv host
pizza topping
cookie flavor
juice flavor
internet service
Movie quote
book quote
ice cream
sea animal
ice cream topping
breakfast food
football team
baseball team
basketball team
volleyball team
hockey team
cheerleading squad
team colors
place to party
police officer
school lunch
boy band
tv episode
junk food
snack food
video game genre
This or that:
this or that
cat or rat
coat or hat
spit or spat
fly or gnat
ocean or lake
digital or analog
time or date
cat or dog
horse or dog
horse or cat
bird or cat
bird or dog
bird or horse
snake or bird
seahorse or horse
cat or seahorse
shark or whale
whale or fish
shark or fish
llama or camel
camel or ass
camel or donkey
american idol or britian's got talent
fox or nbc
movies or tv
speak or listen
small or big
short or long
top or bottom
wet or dry
shower or bath
sit or stand
hot or cold
scream or whisper
stop or go
fast or slow
out or in
sober or high
high school or college
fly or fall
happy or sad
graduate or drop out
arm or leg
hand or foot
toe or finger
sunny or cloudy
snow or rain
sunny or rain
cloudy or rain
cell phone or house phone
verizon or att
att or tmobile
verizon or tmobile
ugly or pretty
rich or broken
fixed or broken
smile or frown
contacts or glasses
help or be helped
teacher or student
football or baseball
baseball or basketball
basketball or gymnastics
gymnastics or cheerleading
cheeseballs or riceballs
knowing or guessing
hating or loving
peace or war
bedroom or bathroom
bathroom or kitchen
kitchen or living room
living room or bedroom
bedroom or kitchen
hugs or kissing
sex or cuddling
licking or biting
dreaming or doing
waiting or doing
tall or short
eye or nose
nose or lips
eye or lip
slipknot or britney spears
job for a cowboy or jessica simpson
ozzy osbourne or the pussycat dolls
eminem or mariah carey
rock or pop
rock or jazz
rock or bluegrass
rock or country
pop or jazz
pop or country
pop or bluegrass
pop or reggae
blues or reggae
on dvd or in theaters
sassy or bold
unique or a clone
alone or with friends
live forever or die young
caring or jealous
young or old
new or used
napkin or tissue
spoon or fork
cook or eat out
joking or serious
journal or diary
comcast or verizon
dawn or dusk
vampires or werewolves
twilight or real vampires
am or pm
east or west
north or south
searching or finding
corn or carrots
kiwis or bananas
slushies or milkshakes
pizza hut or mcdonalds
men or women
single or in a relationship
dreams or nightmares
twosome or threesome
straight or curvy
roman or greek
fun or boring
fair or carnival
Are you:
in love
self hating
a poser
in pain
What/who are you currently
listening to
dreaming of
hoping for
wishing for
on the phone
wanting to buy
in love with
upset about
excited about
nervous about
smiling about
annoyed at
mad at
Would you rather
Eat ten spiders or one mouse
Kill or be killed
Have your toes or fingers removed
Kill a loved one or sacrifice yourself
Be eaten by a bear or be eaten by a shark
Die by drowning or being shot
Be too hot or be too cold
Be at work or be at school
Be alone forever or be around people that hate you
Be deaf or blind
Sit in the audience or be up on stage
Live your worst nightmare or be forced to kill yourself
Be in a horror film or a tradgedy
have your eyes stapled shut
have your mouth stapled shut
play with someones heart or have your heart played with
who is your best friend
define the word friend
how many friends do you have
would you rather have a million acquantinces or one good friend
do your friends start rumors about you
do they talk about you behind your back
do you start rumors about them
do you talk about them behind their backs
what do you look for in a good friend
would you consider yourself a good friend
do you have sacrifices for your friends
do they make sacrifices for you
would you do anything to help a friend
would they do anything to hellp you
how long have you known your newest friend
how long have you known your longest friend
do you only see your friends at school
what do you enjoy doing with your friends
do your friends love you for who you are
do you love your friends for who they are
do you friends get along with each other
are your friends easy going or serious
do they act immature or mature
are you comfortable around your friends
do your borrow things from your friends and not return them
do your friends borrow things from you and not return them
do you fight with your friends a lot
do your friends ditch you
what is your favorite memory with your friends
would your best friend bail you out of jail
would you bail your best friend out of jail
which friend is the most trustworthy
which friend is the most like yourself
which friend is the most reliable
which friend is the most helpful
what makes a friendship bad
Do your friends bully other
Do your friends get bullied a lot
Would you help a friend in need no matter what
How would you help a friend who is crying
How would you help a friend who i suicidal
If you could go on vacation with one friend, who would it be
do you currently live with your parents
are you adopted
are your parents divorced
do you get along with your family
do you fight with your family a lot
do you have any silbings
are you the middle child
are you the oldest child
are you the youngest child
are your parents strict
do you have a bedtime
do you have a lot of rules
do your parents read your phone bills
do you get along with your siblings
have you ever been kicked out of your house
what does family mean to you
are any of your friends like family to you
does your family go through a lot of tough times
do you have to share a bathroom with others
do you have to share a bedroom with others
do you have to share a computer with others
do you get sick of sharing things with your family
do you love your family
do you think your family loves you
would your family ever disown you
is anyone in your familiy disowned
does your family stick together
do you have family reunions
do you do things together as a family
do your parents know how to text
are your parents eccentric
what school do you go to
when do you graduate
are you excited to graduate
did you drop out
did you fail a grade
have you ever been suspended
for what
have you ever been expelled
for what
have you ever gotten detention
for what
do you bully others
do you get bullied
are you an outcast
do you get bad grades
do you get good grades
do you buy your lunch at school
do you pack your lunch
do you enjoy going to school
which teacher is your favorite
which teacher is your least favorite
which subject is your favorite
which subject is your least favorite
are you good at taking test
how do you feel about gym class
do you have to take drivers ed
do you have to take sex ed
do you get nervous speaking in front of the class
have you taken your SATS
do you skip school sometimes
do you ever go to school not sober
have you ever faked being sick to get out of school
do you ride the bus to school
do you ride the bus home from school
do you hate getting up early
how many classes do you have a day
do you sing in the choir
are you in band
do you play on any school sports teams
do you go to the football games
are you a member of any clubs
do you get along with your classmates
do you think you're smart
do you challenge yourself
are you nervous on the first day of school
do you text in class
do you sleep in class
are your teachers nice
do you get a lot of homework
does school stress you out
what is your favorite kind of weather
do you like the rain
do you like thunderstorms
are you afraid of thunderstorms
have you ever seen a tornado in person
have you ever been in a hurricane
do you like the snow
which season is your favorite
what do you think of summer
what do you think of winter
what do you think of fall
what do you thnk of spring
which season do you hate the most
do you like hot or cold weather
do you like humidity in the weather
which season brings good memories to you
do your moods change with the seasons
do you like hail
do you like sunny weather
do you like cloudy weather
do thunderstorms help you sleep better
are you currently in a relationship
with who
do you believe that love knows no age
do you believe that love knows no race
do you believe that love knows no gender
what is your sexual orientation
are you a virgin
how many people have you dated
what is the perfect date
have you ever been in an abusive relationship
how old was the oldest person you've dated
are you married
are you engaged
do you believe that online relationships are real
how important is communication in relationships
how important is emotion
how important is sex
are you afraid of members of the opposite sex
have you ever broken someones heart
have you ever had your heart broken
have you ever been dumped through a text
have you ever been dumped through an email
have you ever been dumped through a phone call
have you ever been dumped in person
have you ever dumped someone through text
have you ever dumped someone through email
have you ever dumped someone through phone call
have you ever dump someone in person
have you ever hugged a stranger
have you ever kissed a stranger
have you ever hooked up with a stranger
have you ever hooked up at a party
where did you meet your true love
who was your first crush
who was your first kiss
are you a true romantic
have you ever cheated on someone
have you ever been cheated on
have you ever lied to somene you were dating
have you ever been lied to
do you like to play games in relationships
what do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
are you too immature for a relationship
what makes a serious relationship serious
do you have to be in a relationship to be happy
do you shy away from relationships
have you never been kissed
do you listen to love songs when you're in love
do you want to get married someday
do you want to have children someday
do you already have children
What are your views on:
gay marriage
george bush
sex before marriage
mind readers
selfless happiness
life after death
bad parenting
child abuse
child obesity
animal cruelty
mental abuse
world peace
physical abuse
Have you ever
been in love
went bungee jumping
went sky diving
been to a carnival
seen an r rated movie
been to a fair
been high
been drunk
been hungover
been pregnant
been lied to
had your pictures stolen online
stole someones pictures online
had your identidy stolen
swam in the ocean
been to the beach
been stung by a jellyfish
been badly sunburnt
failed a class
fialed a test
failed a grade
went streaking
been on a ship
been on a cruise
watched a soap opera
been to a concert
passed out
been arrested
been in jail
done charity work
taken a survey this long
made a survey on bzoink
spent all day online
spent all day just on myspace
sent naked pictures to someone
hit on someone
been hit on
rejected someone
been rejected
started a rumor
started trouble
been in major drama
thrown up in public
been so druink that you forgot stuff
fell asleep in class
missed the chance of a lifetime
wanted to be famous
sang in a karaoke contest
made an account on bzoink
gotten beat up
beat someone else up
mentally hurt someone
been mentally hurt
verbally hurt someone
been verbally hurt
been harrassed
been stalked
been a stalker
spied on someone
cheated on a test
cheated in a game
broken a bone
had surgery
had your wisdom teeth cut out
been in a car crash
been in a near death experience
been so mad that you cried
hurt yourself on purpose
cried yourself to sleep
tried to kill someone
tried to run away
Video games:
are you a fan of video games
do you think its wrong for girls to play video games
what video game is your favorite
what action game is your favorite
what racing game is your favorite
what gaming system is the best
Do you own..
a hair straightener
a curling iron
a nintendo wii
a playstation 1
a playstation 2
a playstation 3
an xbox
an xox 360
a nintendo ds
a nintendo dsi
a nintendo ds lite
a gamecube
a gameboy
a gameboy color
a gameboy advance
a gameboy advance sp
a camcorder
a digital camera
a desktop computer
a laptop computer
any designer clothes
a swimming pool
a trampoline
a cell phone
a pet
anything diamon
anything gold
over 20 pairs of shoes
over ten purses
would you consider yourself spoiled
do you get anything you want
are you lower class
are you high class
are you middle class
do you like to show off
do you own a car
do you own a truck
do you own a van
do you own a camper
do you own a plane
Have you seen these movies:
willy wonka and the chocolate factory
the wizard of oz
finding nemo
silent hill
saw I
saw II
saw III
the spongebob squarepants movie
nightmare before christmas
harry potter and the half blood prince
harry potter and the sorcers stone
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
harry potter and the goblet of fire
2001 maniacs
spirited away
howls moving castle
groundhog day
the day after tomorrow
edward scissorhands
the hangover
american pie: band camp
madea goes to prison
house of wax
the ring
the ring II
to kill a mockingbird
pirates of the carribean
the chronicles of narnia
bridge to teribitea
high school musical
high school musical II
high school musical III
Have you heard of these bands/singers:
regina specktor
story of the year
breaking benjamin
jack off jill
foo fighters
the used
simple plan
new found glory
yoko ishida
black sabbath
hawthorne heights
ozzy osbourne
good charlotte
lady gaga
What do you think of when I say
do you use myspace
do you use facebook
do you use vampirefreaks
do you use hauntingechoes
do you use bzoink
do you use stickam
do you use quizilla
do you use livejournal
do you use bebo
do you use xanga
do you use yahoo email
do you use gmail
do you use AIM
do you use google talk
do you use myspace IM
do you use ICQ
do you use MSN messenger
do you post on online forums
do you have your own website
do you have your own blog
do you have a webcam
do you have a mic
how often are you online
do you have more online friends than real friends
how many fingers am i holding up
can you believe we're almost to a thousand
do you like flyleaf
are you clumsy
what is the closest green thing to you
what's currently on your mind
are you stressed out
do you have any plans for tomorrow
are you thirsty
what do you feel like doing
what was the last word you said
are you going to pull an all nighter tonight
how do you feel
are you insane
do you have trouble sleeping
do you have no life
what time is it right now
can you believe we just hit a thousand ! :]
Have you ever been to canada
have you seen niagara falls
does your computer freeze up a lot
are you going to have a good day
will you please rate my survey
do you realize how much time this took me?
bye bye :]