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Author: allwrongx
Created: August 6, 2009
Taken: 266 times
Rated: G

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She falls asleep into dreams where she is safe.

Created by allwrongx and taken 266 times on Bzoink
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Do you know how old your dad is?
Have you ever thrown a suprise party for anyone?
Ever had a mud fight?
Which do you prefer? Slip-n-slides or trampolines?
Were you sad that Panic at the Disco broke up?
Do you own a Neopets account?
Ever read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower?
What's something that a Harry Potter character will never say?
Has one of your parents ever told off one of your neighbors?
Can you recite the whole Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.
Have you ever run away from school?
What's the last compliment that you've recieved?
Did you make your mum a card for her last birthday?
Did you cry when you watched The Notebook?
Do you have a niece/nephew?
Favorite actor/actress from Harry Potter?
Do you have any windchimes inside your house?
Does your kitchen sink ever get piled up with dishes?
How long can you hold your breathe for?
Can you wolf-whistle?
Which did you like better? Mariah Carey or Eminem's diss?
Did you like Kristen Stewart's perfomance in Twilight?
Which is your favorite instrument to play in Rock Band?
Have you ever played any of those Nancy Drew computer games?
Is your fridge covered in magnets?
Have you ever attempted to beat box?
Are your grandparents unbearable?
Do enjoy watching racing?
When was the last time that you were offended?
Do you believe in magic?