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Author: lido-leilani
Created: August 7, 2009
Taken: 8 times
Rated: PG

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Survey !

Created by lido-leilani and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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What is your name?
And you rep what city?
Are you taken/single/other?
Who did you get this survey from?
What you think about them?
What kind of mood are you in?
Say something to somebody.
Where do you shop for most of your clothes?
What is the ringtone for your best friend & boyfriend?
Are you a virgin?
Name one dream you have.
Would you drop out of school if you could?
Who was the last person you called?
Why do you even have a myspace?
What did you do today?
One place you want to visit?
Name one thing you are scared of?
When is your birthday?
Do you pray?
Lost anyone close?
How's your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Ever been out of the country?
Let anything thats bothering you out right now.
If you thought about it, what do you want your future kids names to be?
Three things you are wearing.
Two things you want to do this weekend.
One person you run to for everything.
Dont you hate people that start drama over every little thing?
Ever been cheated on? What did you do about it?
This surveys over. Any shout outs?