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Author: shamegmeg
Created: August 9, 2009
Taken: 337 times
Rated: PG

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Top 4. :]

Created by shamegmeg and taken 337 times on Bzoink
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Name your top 4 friends in order.
Number 1.
How long have you known this person?
Are you related?
Are you taller than them?
What's their favorite drink?
Do you have a tradition?
Have you ever gone out to dinner with this person?
Name a song that reminds you of them.
Does this person have nice handwriting?
What was the last gift they've given you?
What's their favorite color?
If you could give this person anything right now, what would you give them?
Have you memorized their phone number?
Have you talked to them today?
Do you share clothes with this person?
Name a celebrity you think they kind of look like.
Number 2.
Does this person own an iPod?
Have you ever seen this person's room?
Have you ever been on vacation with him/her?
When was the last time they came to your house?
Do your parents know them?
How many siblings does this person have?
Would you rather text them or call them?
Where did you meet this person?
How important are they to you?
Are you two of the same religion?
Would this person be included in your wedding party if it was soon?
Name one clothing store that fits their sense of style.
Have you ever kissed this person?
Have you ever borrowed something from them?
Name one thing you both love.
Number 3.
What is their sexual orientation?
Have you ever dated this person?
Do they know your number 1 and/or number 2?
How often do you speak to this person?
Name one thing you'd love to do with this person.
Are they older than you?
Do you look related?
How long would you last on a deserted island with him/her?
How many secrets have you told this person?
Are they a fan of video games?
What sports do they play?
What do you think is their best physical feature?
What's their favorite food?
Does this person have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
When's the next time you expect to see this person?
Number 4.
Is this a guy or a girl?
Are they a fan of The Sims?
Did you go to school with this person?
Do you two share a strong bond of trust?
Does this person wear glasses?
Name something this person would find funny.
Does this person have any favorite jewelry?
If you two were to go anywhere together, where would you go?
Do they live with their parents?
How many relationships has this person been in?
Was this person ever a user?
Does their name suit the person well? (ie: "She even looks like an Erin")
Would you hug this person?
Does this person have any feelings of hostility towards the other 3?
What kind of cell phone does this person have?