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Author: melissa526
Created: August 10, 2009
Taken: 269 times
Rated: G

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Be Strong Now, because things will get better. it might be stormy now, but it cant rain forever.

Created by melissa526 and taken 269 times on Bzoink
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last time you bought somethinn at the store with your own money?
what time did you wake up today?
what are you planning on doing today?
are you watching tv?
who is your favorite singer for this year?
is it dark outside?
do you go to wal-mart any with your family?
what color are the doorknobs in your house?
do you use matches to get the candles lit up on the birthday cake?
how many people live in the house with you?
is it your family [like mom, dad, brother, etc.] or is it your own family?
are you a country person?
what was the last tv show you watched?
what time did you go to bed last night?
do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
who are you talking to?
are you sick?
is anything bothering you at the moment?
whats on your mind?
do you have sunglasses?
what language do you speak the most?
what are you on right now other then bzoink?
are you eating or drinking anything right now?
what do you hear when you stop typing?
what is your favorite type of cookie?
do you cook your food?
do you go to school?
do you like coke or pepsi?
miley cyrus or demi lovato?
cake or cookies?
tv or internet?
myspace or facebook?
sunny or rainy?
when its raining, do you like not too bad, or really bad better?
what does your name start with?
does anyone call you a nickname?
do you go by the nickname more?
do you like football?
what about basketball?
do you go swimming every week?
where did you go on vacation last?
do you drink water like you're supposed to?
do you go to football games at all?
do you pop/crack your fingers?
are you a strong person?
are you weak?
what do you see when you look to the right alll the way?
do you hang out with the nerds, average, or popular people?
what are your favorite colors?
does everything you eat come out of the refigrator?
do you like to eat at outback?
have you ever been to the beach?
do you sweat easily?
how are you feeling at the moment?
do you watch ICarly?
do you have a garden?
do you like dogs?
what about cats?
any other pets you like?
do you like to sing in front of big crowds?
what about in front of your family?
do you live in a house, apartment, or a trailer? or nothing?
do you have a gmail?
what color is your pants/shorts/skirt?
are you way to pale, pale, average, dark, or tan?
without going back, what question are we on?
do you have any coke bottle tops?
do you have a digital camera that you can record with to?
do you have a cellphone, that can take pictures?
when you need to think of happy thoughts, do you think about spongebob?
have you ever had a bug go in your mouth?
is one of your favorite colors green?
did you like my survey?
add me as a friend if you want to, ok?
how old are you?
whats your favorite ice-cream flavor?
do you like paintings that are really good and look real?
are you texting anyone?