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Author: dreamoncupcake
Created: August 15, 2009
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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and i'll watch the stars as they collide

Created by dreamoncupcake and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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do you know what song the title of this survey is from?
pretzels or breadsticks?
have you heard of the crisps called chipsticks?
where do you live?
what concerts/gigs have you been to?
which was the best?
do you wake up in the same position as when you go to sleep?
do you wear socks in bed?
how many press-ups can you do?
have you kissed anybody in the past month?
what are you up to today?
do you prefer the summer or winter?
nevershoutnever! or paramore?
have you heard mika\'s new song? what\'s your opinion of it?
what\'s your favourite nevershoutnever! song?
are you on a desktop computer or laptop?
what's the craziest thing you've ever worn?
have you ever sat on a rooftop?
do you like to watch the stars at night?
when was the last time it thundered where you are?
do you have any pets?
last film you saw at the cinema?
did you like it?
latest band/artist you've gotten into?
do you prefer big acts, that everybody's heard of or smaller acts?
would you consider yourself to be quirky?
do you like fluffy cushions?
do you save surveys when you've done them?
what would you do if your parents told you that you were adopted?
how's the weather where you are?
finish the sentence
love is...
i think..
obama is...
i adore..
school is...
many people think i...
what's your favourite kind of flower?
what t.v shows do you love watching?
last party you went to? describe it?
how do you type your smiley faces?
last holiday you went on? did you enjoy it?
can you do a handstand?
what about a cartwheel?
could you ever love someone who's stabbed you in the back?
your favourite song right now?
how many times have you listened to your 'most listened to' song on itunes?
what kind of jewellery do you wear?
what genre of music is your favourite?
what are you doing next saturday?
do you like to plan ahead or take each day as it comes?
do you consider yourself to be daring?
do you have facebook?
do you prefer...
facebook or myspace?
crackers or cheese?
cake or cookies?
milk or juice?
young children or elderly people?
socks or shoes?
daisies or roses?
simple things or complicated things?
classical music or rap?
rock or country music?
running in the rain or lazing in the sun?
bags or shoes?
cushions or footstools?
punk/alternative clothing or more trendy stuff?
what time is it?
are you gonna save this survey? (i think you should :D)
do you think i should do more surveys?
can you click your fingers?
final question..
can you use chopsticks?