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Author: laurenpwns
Created: August 15, 2009
Taken: 53 times
Rated: G

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your love burns beneath my skin.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 53 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time you really established your favorite tv show?
Write one lyric that really explains the way your life is going as of now?
Do you ever have any fantasies that involve certain celebrities? Who?
What is your favorite brand of shoe? Where can you buy these shoes?
Does anyone ever judge you for something you naturally cannot help?
Do you support homosexuality in general? Why do you or why dont you?
Look into your closet. What is the major color of shirts you own? Why?
If you had your own personal dance crew, what would you name it and why?
Do you like any other kinds of food from different nationalities? Which?
Has anyone ever called you an exact replica of one of your parents? Agree?
Do you like watching television on the weekends when you're home alone?
Where do you work, if anywhere? Do you like this job or not so much?
What would you consider the most important aspect in your entire life?
Do you have a significant other at this moment in time? What's their name?
Have you ever claimed to be in love when you knew you really weren't?
If you had the chance to meet an annoying celebrity, would you still do it?
Do you ever lie in the grass during summer or are you afraid of ticks?
Does it bother you when you see slutty girls getting all the cute guys?
In winter, would you rather wear jacket or hoodies? Why is this?
Are you old enough to legally drink alcohol? How old are you exactly?
Would you consider yourself a good singer or are you tone deaf?
Who was your best friend in the fourth grade? Only if you remember.
Does anyone fully understand your personality? Who is this person?
Can you touch a window from where you're sitting at this moment in time?
When was the last time you walked to you destination? Why was this?
What is the highest level you've ever gotten to on guitar hero?
Are there any holes in the walls right now that you were the cause of?
Do you sometimes feel sorry for serial killers or do you have no mercy?
When was the last time you were sick? What exactly were you sick with?
Would you like to see someone right now? Who is this person anyway?
How many times a day do you tell someone you love them, on average?
McDonalds. Would you consider that place gross or delicious? Why?
Do you have an ipod touch or iphone? If so, how many apps do you have?
Does your mother or father let you normally use their personal credit card?
When was the last time you ordered something offline? What was it?
What grade are you in, if you're still in school, that is? Ever failed?
What would you consider your most prized posession? Who gave it to you?
Do you ever buy your own clothing or does someone else do that for you?
What is the one thing in life you wish you could just take back?
Do you think regrets are better left unspoken or should they be out loud?
Does it ever make you angry when people dont even try to use good grammar?
Does anyone who is a bit younger than you try to flirt with your bf/gf?
What color is your remote? Does it have any special/interesting features?
Have you ever fist fought someone before? Did you win this fight?
Does anyone ever tell you that you're too negative or too positive?